Review: weBoost Drive 4G-X – Vehicle, OTR, RV and Fleet Kits (Mobile Cellular Booster)


The weBoost Drive 4G-X comes packaged together with antennas in kits intended for cars, trucks, or RVs.

The weBoost Drive 4G-X has weBoost's flagship mobile booster since June 2015.

After multiple rounds of extensive head-to-head testing with other boosters on the market, we consider the 4G-X the 'gold standard' of mobile boosters and it has earned it's top pick status with our staff.

The 4G-X amplifier is now available in 4 official different antenna kit configurations, which can make selecting the right one for your a touch confusing.


  • Gain: 50dB
  • # of Devices Boosted Simultaneously: 4+
  • LTE Bands Supported: 12 (17), 13, 5, 4, 2, 25
  • Exterior Antenna: Bundled antenna varies by kit. SMA antenna jack.
  • Internal Antenna: Bundled antenna varies by kit. SMA antenna jack.
  • Range of Interior Coverage: 6" - 4'
  • In Motion Usage: Yes
  • List Price: $479 (Vehicle Kit) | $499 (OTR, RV and Fleet Kits)

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Official Antenna Kit Overview

The 4G-X amplifier comes in 4 different kits. The core 4G-X amplifier is identical between all these packages.

The difference in each of these kits is the exterior and interior antennas included, as well as the mounting hardware. The kits are put together for different use cases - semi-trucks, RVs and fleet vehicles.

But don't feel constrained by the picture on the box - all four kits can be appropriate for RV and marine use depending on your installation options.

Here is what is included in each:


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Antenna Kit Quick Comparison:

  • Drive 4G-X (Original/Vehicle): Includes a 4" mag-mount roof antenna at the end of a 12.5' cable, and a small interior patch antenna - also on a 12.5" cable. Intended for installation on a metal vehicle roof, with the installation of a ground plane, it can be made to work quite well on an RV roof. $479.
  • Drive 4G-X OTR: Marketed to the "over the road" big-rig truck market, this kit (announced June 2016) swaps the 4" stubby antenna for the 4G-OTR "trucker" antenna (it's a pretty tall antenna, click for some install ideas). The interior antenna remains the small patch antenna. This combo continues to outperform all other mobile boosters we test and is our top recommendation if you can manage the antenna installation. $499
  • Drive 4G-X RV: Released in April 2017 (and not to be confused with their Connect RV 65 kit released a year later) is targeted explicitly for mobile RV installations. It combines a shorter pole/ladder mount style external omni antenna with a directional indoor desktop antenna. However, the kit makes some compromises with less efficient antennas, use of connectors and mismatches that holds it back from performing as well as the OTR kit. $499
  • Drive 4G-X Fleet: Released in August 2018, this kit is intended for fleet vehicles, like law enforcement, commercial vehicles, or delivery trucks.  It comes with a NMO exterior antenna and mount. Once you have an NMO mount, any NMO antenna can be easily swapped out. $499

For further details and hands on testing notes of these kits, members can check our further analysis below. weBoost certifies all of their branded antennas for use with their boosters - so if they have other antennas you want to try, you are safe to do so.

Review & Testing Status

We have had this booster, and many of the official kits, in our testing arsenal since August 2015.

The 4G-X OTR kit have earned its place as our reference standard that we continue to test all competing boosters against.

We have featured the Drive 4G-X with a variety of antenna combinations in the following testing rounds, and our members have access to the raw field testing data and field notes.

Based on all of these testing rounds, the Drive 4G-X OTR remains our current top pick for those who are frequently further away from towers and who need the best possible upload speeds for two-way video, video broadcasts, and large file uploads.

Other antenna combos are certainly worthwhile too, if the installation suits you better.

Our detailed hands-on review and analysis of the weBoost Drive 4G-X is featured in our members-only section below, including some member exclusive videos.

Unboxing Videos

The 4G-X RV Kit (April 2017):

The 4G-X OTR Kit (June 2016):

Potential Alternatives to Consider:

We consider the weBoost 4G-X to be the gold standard in mobile boosters, and you really can't go wrong with this choice - if you've decided a booster is the right choice for your setup.

However, boosters are NOT the right choice for all applications.

They make most sense for devices without antenna ports (like smartphones and tablets), or when in weak signal areas. However, for devices with antenna ports in mild to moderate signal areas - a direct connected antenna can outperform a booster. And boosters can actually DECREASE data speeds in some conditions - never assume you need a booster on all the time - always test at each location!

For more on this:

Guide to Understanding Cellular Data Performance

Guide to Cellular Boosters

Testing & Understanding Your Mobile Internet Speeds

Consider the Netgear MIMO Antenna for devices with dual antenna ports. This little $27.49 antenna is worth having in your setup. It our extensive testing, it often beats out boosters for data performance in Jetpacks, MiFis and other hotspot devices.

For other booster options on the market worth comparing the 4G-X to - here's the current options we're tracking and testing:

  • weBoost 4G-M is the 4G-X's older sibling, with less uplink transmit power. The difference is most noticeable in upload performance. The $100 cheaper 4G-M will perform nearly just as well as the 4G-X vehicle antenna kit as a general use mobile booster where upload speeds are not the focus. But if you want the higher gain antennas (OTR or RV), the value of the 4G-X kits is hard to ignore.
  • weBoost RV Connect 65 was released in April 2018 specifically marketed to stationary RVers in remote locations. It's a higher powered residential amplifier (not certified for mobile use) with a directional antenna that must be aimed at each stop.
  • SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 was released in March 2018 with very competitive specs and a cheaper price. SureCall has made the claim that it should outperform the 4G-X. We have had the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 in for extensive head to head testing against the 4G-X. Our preliminary results in multiple locations show the SureCall is a solid performer, but the weBoost 4G-X RV continues to outperform it.  We are keeping it in our testing setup, this time testing against our top pick 4G-X OTR and HiBoost OTR.
  • HiBoost released an OTR antenna of their own in June 2018 to match their 4G LTE Travel booster, which previously was a sub-par performer. However our preliminary spring 2018 testing shows the HiBoost OTR combination might be quite potent and gave the 4G-X OTR a run for its money. We'll continue testing it in a variety of signal conditions - but we consider this combo one to watch for now.
  • Cel-Fi Go M is a digital booster (as opposed to an analogue booster like the 4G-X and others on the market). It has some unique features that might set it apart. We continue to keep it in our testing arsenal.
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Accessories & Kits

  • weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR kit Note: This package ships with the 24" rigid non-spring mounted version of the 4G Trucker antenna. This is not ideal for some RV applications & installation. At this time, if you want the shorter 4G Trucker/RV antenna - a spring mounted 19" version is available separately.
  • Power Supply Note: The 4G-X Vehicle and OTR kits comes standard with a 6v power supply that plugs in to a DC socket (ie. auto / cigarette lighter style). If you won't have a DC socket available or prefer to run this off of 110 AC power, you will also need to obtain a certified AC/DC supply (weBoost part 850011).  The RV kit comes with both a direct wired 12v option and the plug-in AC adapter.
  • Unofficial RV Kits: You'll also find some resellers who sell this unit as part of their own 'RV Kit'. These are not specifically put together by weBoost, however they are using official weBoost components - such as different exterior & interior antennas, adapters, etc.: Amazon: Unofficial weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Kit Wilson Amplifiers | Powerful Signal | TechnoRV WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV Bundle

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weBoost Drive 4G-X Ratings
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Quick Take

The weBoost Drive 4G-X is a solidly performing booster that provides additional transmit power (compared to the 4G-M) offering increased upload speeds in remote locations. It's available in 3 different antenna configurations.

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