Our goal with RVMobileInternet.com is to provide a central resource center about mobile internet options for RVers. From tracking the news, how-to guides and helping our members with their specific questions.

We are pleased to share our research and experience so you can save time & money and get out there exploring what drives you!

We are unaffiliated with any product or service that we mention on this site or in our book. We are not resellers and nor are we paid by any manufacturer or vendor to post about their products. We do our best to research options, test out gear and share real world experiences of own and our community of Mobile Internet Aficionados.

This resource center is completely supported by our readers and premium members.

(except our own mobile app - Coverage? - which we wrote to help us find cellular data as we roam).

The Story of RVMobileInternet

technomadia mobile internet

RV Mobile Internet is brought to you by Two Steps Beyond LLC, the business run by Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia.com.

We're Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard - two technomads, and your hosts here at RVMoblieInternet.com.

We hit the road in 2006, when we were in our early 30s. We weren't retired early or taking a gap year - we still had to work while we embraced our wanderlust.

Our first RV was pretty basic - it didn't even have plumbing, refrigeration or air conditioning. But we did have mobile internet and solar power.

After all those were the essential amenities for us to continue working remotely running our business of technical consulting and software development.

Our posts on our personal travel blog, Technomadia, about how we kept online became some of our most popular. We shared about each new element of our setup, and ended up fielding a lot of questions about cellular, WiFi and satellite (we tried it all over the years!).

In 2013, after yet another question about mobile internet landed in our inbox - we decided on a whim to compile all of our blog posts on mobile internet into one place. It was mostly for survival, as fielding these questions was taking far more time than we could continue to gift.

The first edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook - published in 2013.

The first edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook - published in 2013.

In under three weeks, we had turned that compilation into the first edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook. Compared to the current edition, it was a tiny 87 page handbook. As soon as we hit the publish button, we had to return to our 'real jobs.'

A year later, that little handbook, which sold like crazy, was already seriously out-dated (after all, technology changes rapidly). And we had a lot of requests to expand it to cover even more topics.

We knew that to do it right, we'd need to dedicate more time to it.

We decided to try an Indiegogo campaign to fund us taking a few months off other projects. The campaign was a resounding success, which meant we had to also deliver our fantasy stretch goal of launching a website & premium membership group.

Mobile Internet Aficionados is our premium membership component of this resource center.

Mobile Internet Aficionados is our premium membership component of this resource center.

Which is of course this website, RVMobileInternet.com. Which has now become our main professional focus.

We would have never imaged it possible, and we wake up every morning pinching ourselves - we get do the things we truly love: talk about mobile technology and help people live their dreams. And we get paid for it?

It really is our joy to provide this service. And we could not be more thankful for the outpouring of support we've received.  We're proud that we're 100% member & reader funded - instead of taking kick-backs or direct advertising dollars. This allows us to be transparent and blatantly honest about the products we cover.

And in case you're wondering - we've come a long way since our first RV. We now travel in a vintage bus conversion that has all the amenities of home. Including a bathroom.

About Chris

Chris was previously Palm & PalmSource's Chief Competitive Director - it was his job to stay on top of the mobile industry. Before that, he was the founding technical editor of boot magazine (now called Maximum PC).

About Cherie

Cherie has been a location independent software developer since she was in her teens, developing software in the medical & government fields. She grew up with technology. In her business, she also was a technical writer and trainer, teaching high tech topics to non-techie folks.

About RVMobileInternet.com

What you'll find here is a repository of our knowledge on this niche topic that compliments The Mobile Internet Handbook. Here are the four main areas of the website:

  • News - We track the mobile internet industry to keep an eye out for news releases about products & services. We then analyze the news for how it impacts RVers keeping connected.
  • Knowledge Base - Our book is written to be a comprehensive overview of this topic. But it changes often. The guides in our Knowledge Base are meant to be living components - more focused on comparing specific products and plans, and how to best use them in your travels. They're updated constantly as new products come out, and plans shift.
  • Review Center - Brand new in summer 2016, is our review center - where we list the specific products & services we are tracking. We share product specifications, our own review of those we have hands on time with, and our premium members can also share their experience.
  • Forums - Open only to our premium members, this is where we field questions they have in navigating their own mobile internet arsenal.

We try to provide a lot of content on this website for free - to the public. We're only able to do so in thanks to the support we get from our premium members. In return, they get a lot of extra perks - such as some content is available only to them.

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Contributing author

Jack and Danielle Mayer

We are thrilled to have Jack Mayer join us in offering this resource.  He's a respected mobile tech information source, having helped thousands through generous support on forums, and via his website.  He and his wife have been RVing for over a decade, and he has a high-tech background.

He's a contributing author to the book writing a chapter on Antennas and Installation, contributes in-depth reviews and guides to our Resource Center, and helps out members in the Q&A forums when he has time.