Cellular Carrier Pricing & Data Plan Guide

Selecting your ideal cellular carrier and plan can be an overwhelming adventure, especially for nomads who need to replace a home internet connection while being mobile.

This guide is here to help you do that, and is a living document that we'll keep updated as each of the four major carriers change around their plans and offerings.

When considering cellular plans, we are focused on finding the best options for keeping a nomadic household online.

We are only interested in data that can be shared with your laptops and other gadgets, not just consumed on a single phone or tablet. Data that is “unlimited” but throttled to super slow speeds isn’t particularly interesting for this comparison either.

Most nomadic households also need a voice line or two as well, so we do factor in voice somewhat into our analysis.

But the focus here is on data. Lots and lots of glorious data!  As a result, this guide offers very detailed information.

Included in this guide:

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Postpaid Plans and Features for the Four Carriers

Shopping the direct postpaid plans offered by the carriers is typically the first stop for most consumers. Postpaid means that you pay for your service at the end of the month, and the carriers tend to give higher priority and customer service to their consumer postpaid plans.  Because you are paying for service after delivered, the carrier will want you to establish an account with them based on your credit record.

Postpaid plans also traditionally associated with contracts - although options exist to avoid contracts on postpaid plans if you're willing to purchase your cellular devices on your own instead of subsidizing or financing them.

Click on the carrier you're interested in to view all of the current and recently retired postpaid plan options offered:


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Plan Guide

Here are all of the plans we're tracking on each of the carriers - from resellers, MVNOs, prepaid and more.  Use the filter buttons to find the plans that you're seeking, and click on the squares to get more information on the plans:

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