The Mobile Internet Resource Center is run by RVers and Cruisers who depend on mobile internet for their livelihood, perhaps like yourself.

We do not resell products, gear or plans or accept 3rd party advertising and sponsorships - our goal is to be an unbiased informational and educational resource. We strive to maintain high journalistic standards and remain as unbiased as possible in our reporting and reviews.

  • We create and keep updated in-depth guides and reviews so that folks always have the most updated information. These generally have dozens, if not hundreds of hours of work put into each.
  • We don't just turn gear on to see if it works, we take it out into the field and test it in a variety of real life RVing, cruising & travel situations before issuing our reviews.
  • We monitor multiple news sources and forums daily for news items in our industry, and analyze them specifically for how they might impact mobile folks to create our free news articles & video news stories
  • We spend several hours a week providing free guidance in our public Internet for RVers & Cruisers group.

We are proud to be community funded. 

It is through support of our premium members - our community - that we're able to create content and make this topic our focus. In exchange, our members get additional resources and more personalized guidance.

Advertising Policy

We don't like sites cluttered with advertising, and prefer to not to subject our readers to it either. You'll notice as you browse around, we have no 3rd party ads.

The only ads you'll see on our site are for our own products & services (which is how we get our funding to keep this site constantly updated).

And we of course will not accept any advertising or sponsorship dollars from any manufacturer, vendor or carrier.

Review Policy

For our reviews, we attempt to acquire a representative sample of the best gear for maintaining reliable mobile internet access so that we can provide hands on evaluations. Sometimes a manufacturer provides us an evaluation unit (this helps us keep our membership fees as low as possible), and sometimes we purchase the gear ourselves.

Our reviews are not swayed either way and we are clear with every manufacturer that we provide 100% honest reviews showcasing the pros and cons of their product. We will not accept any funding from a manufacturer for reviewing their products either. Some manufacturers are more receptive than others in hearing our honest feedback that can help them improve their products.

When we are done testing gear we received for evaluation, we first offer it back to the manufacturer. If they don't want it back, we offer it up to our premium members for a fair market value donation to a charity or cause of their choice. We do not consider evaluation gear to be part of our personal mobile internet setup (ie. we're not getting 'stuff for free in exchange for review'), and we do not resell it.

We prepare our most in-depth reviews for our members with complete editorial autonomy - we are accountable to our members first and foremost. They are who fund our many dozens of hours doing in-depth field testing and creating resources.

Affiliate Policy

We strive to not be influenced by affiliate relationships. Our motivation is to be member funded and accountable to them.

However, affiliate sales do add to the funding that keeps this site running and are an industry standard.

Current Affiliate Programs We Participate In:

  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  We feel because they carry a wide array of products and they are not specifically a mobile internet vendor, this does not sway our bias about a product or not. 
  • weBoost - weBoost is a manufacturer of mobile cellular boosters, and is obviously directly related to our content. We thought long and hard about accepting their invitations to become affiliates - and resisted for some time. However, before they even approached us, their products consistently earned our 'Top Pick' designation for analog cellular boosters - so we feel authentically feel our content is not biased by potential affiliate earnings. 

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