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PCs for People Offering $10/Month Unlimited LTE Data for Low Income Households

Unlimited cellular data for only $10 a month? That’s crazy talk! Except it isn’t just crazy talk, it’s a real offer – for those who are eligible. Non-profit, PCs for People, is offering unlimited mobile internet service on Sprint’s 4G LTE network for low-income individuals & households who meet eligibility requirements. On the backend, this opportunity steams […]



Sprint Launches $20/mo Unlimited Data for Tablets

Copying the $20 unlimited tablet plan T-Mobile rolled out in August, Sprint on Friday rolled out a very similar unlimited tablet plan of its own. And just like on T-Mobile – the $20/mo tablet line pricing applies only if you also already have a voice line. If you only want a tablet plan (without a […]



AT&T Based Prepaid Mobile Hotspot Plans with H20 Wireless’ ‘Bolt’

H20 Wireless, an AT&T reseller, has been in the market for several years, but is now becoming competitive in its prepaid offerings. Of particular interest to U.S. based mobile internet seekers is H20’s dedicated mobile internet offerings, branded H20 Bolt. H20 Bolt offers data only plan options with advertised full 4G LTE speeds topping out at 15 […]



T-Mobile: Tethering Usage To Be “Deprioritized” on Congested Towers

T-Mobile today began sending out emails to customers prominently notifying them that T-Mobile was making its network “better” by “putting your on-device experience first”. Or in other words – by slowing down (relative) tethering speeds when the network is under heavy load. T-Mobile explains: “We’ve primed the network for on-device use. So now when there’s […]



Sprint MVNO FreedomPop Offering Limited Time Only ‘4x the Data’ Deals

We’ve been alerted that Sprint MVNO, FreedomPop, is offering various ‘4x the data’ deals for a limited time with the purchase of specific mobile hotspots or mobile devices. The type of device available and upfront device price of each deal appears to depend on where you access the deal from. Background: FreedomPop has been a long […]



Calyx Institute Offering Unlimited & Unthrottled Sprint Service

Noted author and internet activist Cory Doctorow caused a stir last week with his article about a “secret tunnel that runs underneath the phone companies and emerges in paradise” – sharing how the non-profit Calyx Institute has figured out a way to offer unlimited and unthrottled LTE cellular hotspot service as a perk to supporters – with ongoing […]



Coming Soon: Winegard ConnecT RV Internet WiFi Extender

Winegard has a long reputation in the industry as the leading provider of both satellite and over-the-air TV antennas designed for RV use. But perhaps noticing that more and more people are watching TV over the internet than over the air, Winegard has just publicly announced that it is also pursuing an entirely new direction: RV Wi-Fi […]



Verizon Increases Waiting Period Before Prepaid Devices Can Be Used On Other Services

A recent update of the language on Verizon’s Device Unlocking Policy page indicates that new phones and devices purchased through Verizon Prepaid will need to be used on Verizon Prepaid services for at least one year.  Conversely, you could also add the amount specified on the back of a product’s packaging to device’s prepaid account in order to […]



Verizon Crackdown on Unlimited Plans Continues: Lines Used In T1114 Routers Being Canceled

In July Verizon caused a mild panic by sending out letters to roughly 1,200 “excessive” heavy data users with out-of-contract unlimited data plans, telling them that their plans were being summarily canceled on August 31st. Verizon then moved against many gray-market providers of unauthorized rental unlimited plans, in many cases shutting down service without notice – leaving […]



Thousands Complain of Surprise Verizon Overage Charges – FCC Investigating

It started just over two weeks ago in Cleveland – with local reporter Teresa Dixon Murray noting in her Money Matters column that her family Verizon account was showing mysterious data usage in the middle of the night, and she asked others to chime in if they had also noticed any other strange Verizon issues. She heard from […]



Apple Fans: Brace For Impact (To Your Data Plans)

Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 13th) is a big day for Apple: iOS 10 and watchOS 3 are being released to the public, soon to be installed on hundreds of millions of phones and tablets and wrists around the world. And while new features and bug fixes (for free!) are always welcome, every year we hear from […]



Free Streaming Update: AT&T’s “Data Free TV” & Verizon’s NFL Mobile Partnership

AT&T late last week announced a major new initiative for DirecTV customers likely to be of interest to some RVers: Data Free TV: Video streaming that does not count against your monthly usage limits! Not to be outdone – Verizon also announced that it was sponsoring the NFL Mobile App to let Verizon customers: “Watch live local and […]



Apple’s New iPhone 7: Understanding Carrier Models & Cellular Limitations

Apple launched the new iPhone 7 yesterday – showing off major new features like water resistance, stereo speakers, and some extremely impressive new camera capabilities. For mobile internet fans – the big news on the cellular front is yet another leap in theoretical peak speed – with the addition of 3x cellular carrier aggregation. Apple describes it this […]