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Netflix Introduces ‘Offline’ Mode

As hopes for the ‘perfect’ mobile internet plan (i.e. low cost, fast, reliable, widespread, unlimited) continue to go largely unanswered, we can find some solace in a new offering by Netflix. The offline feature is available in the latest version of Netflix’s app for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for desktop use yet- it […]



AT&T Announces DirecTV Now: Unlimited Cellular Streaming, No Dish Required

AT&T on Monday afternoon announced its long awaited new online version of its DirecTV satellite TV service: DirecTV Now. Now at last RVers can stream 100+ channels of DirecTV content without needing to worry about signing long-term contracts, or carting around and aiming a portable satellite dish. And if you are on AT&T cellular – you can […]



Pepwave Launches Next Generation Surf SOHO, MAX BR1 Mini

WiFiRanger isn’t the only company with new routers appealing to RVers launching this week – mobile router manufacturer Peplink also has a major new release The long awaited third generation Pepwave Surf SOHO is at last available! Peplink is also now shipping an interesting new lower-cost addition to the MAX BR1 line of cellular integrated […]



WiFiRanger Revamps Entire Product Line – Embracing 802.11ac Wi-Fi

WiFiRanger has a long history of serving the RV market with indoor routers and roof-mounted long-range gear that many have come to rely on. The simplified user interface, RVer friendly features, and customer service that is willing to dive into troubleshooting unique issues such as problems with connecting to campground Wi-Fi login screens has always […]



SpaceX Reveals More Details About Global Satellite Broadband Plans

SpaceX hasn’t shared much about its plans for building a global satellite internet network since January 2015 when Elon Musk announced he was opening a new office in Seattle focused on: “Creating global communications system that would be larger than anything that has been talked about to date.” But what exactly did he have in […]



Verizon Jetpack AC791L Firmware Update Increases LTE-Advanced Capabilities

Verizon is in the process of pushing out a new firmware update to its flagship Jetpack AC791L mobile hotspot, our current top pick for staying connected on Verizon’s network. Verizon describes the update this way: “The Verizon Jetpack AC791L SU1 release provides new features, supports Verizon’s enhanced network capabilities, and addresses known issues. New to […]



TechnoRV Introduces Convenient RV Antenna Suction Cup Mount

One issue that many RVers stress over is how to attach external Wi-Fi and cellular antennas to their RVs. This is understandable – it is inevitably stressful to contemplate drilling a hole in a roof or wall for an antenna cable to enter, or a permanent mount to attach. RV focused online retailer TechnoRV has […]



Increased Data on both Verizon and AT&T Prepaid Plans

Both Verizon and AT&T are pushing out some new data friendly deals over the next week. And they both include roll-over data and official mobile hotspot usage, making them appealing flexible plans for RVers. Beginning Monday, November 13th, Verizon Prepaid will offer new 5 GB and 10 GB LTE data plans at very competitive price […]



Cricket Wireless Matches MetroPCS with 8GB for $50/mo Deal on AT&T Network

In reaction to MetroPCS’s current limited time promotion of 8 GB of data for $50/mo on T-Mobile’s network – AT&T owned prepaid subsidiary Cricket Wireless today announced they are matching the deal. Like MetroPCS, they typically include 5 GB for $50. Under this promotion, existing Cricket Wireless customers and new customer can activate or switch the $50/plan and get 8GB of […]



MetroPCS Offering 8GB LTE Data for $50 for Limited Time

For a limited time, T-Mobile’s wholly owned subsidiary branch, MetroPCS, is promoting 8 GB of 4G LTE data for $50. MetroPCS’ typical offer includes 5 GB for $50; however customers who activate a line during this 8 GB promotional period will remain ‘grandfathered’ at 8 GB for as long as their account remains active and in […]



PCs for People Offering $10/Month Unlimited LTE Data for Low Income Households

Update: Another similar non-profit Sprint based unlimited plan has also appeared from 4GCommunity, that is open to all with no qualifications. Cost is $250 for the first year (includes a mobile hotspot device) and $168/year afterwards. We have started a new Product Listing page for these types of Sprint unlimited non-profit plans that will track […]



TPO Mobile Offers Unlimited Data Plan on Sprint Network

TPO Mobile, also known as The People’s Operator, is a reseller that originally started in the UK in 2012 and launched service in the US in 2015. TPO Mobile began offering their service over the Sprint network, but have since added T-Mobile to their coverage. There are some caveats to TPO Mobile’s Infinity plan: The […]



Sprint Launches $20/mo Unlimited Data for Tablets

Copying the $20 unlimited tablet plan T-Mobile rolled out in August, Sprint on Friday rolled out a very similar unlimited tablet plan of its own. And just like on T-Mobile – the $20/mo tablet line pricing applies only if you also already have a voice line. If you only want a tablet plan (without a […]



Verizon Introduces PopData: Unlimited is Back, In 30 Minute Chunks

Verizon today enabled a new feature accessible via the My Verizon app – the ability to purchase “PopData” sessions that at last provide a way to break free from your monthly data cap to score some truly unlimited data. For up to an hour at a time, that is. Verizon describes PopData this way: “Introducing […]