Product Overview: NMO Fleet Antenna by weBoost (Cellular Antennas)

weBoost's NMO antenna is an outdoor omnidirectional antenna designed to attach to a vehicle with an NMO mount.

An "NMO" (an acronym for "New MOtorola") antenna is designed to work with a standard antenna mount common on fleet vehicles.  NMO mounts come with a standard threaded connector that can accept any NMO antenna. The mount also provides the antenna cable, which makes swapping for another NMO antenna easy in the future.

The weBoost NMO antenna is available separately or as part of the weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet kit. This antenna does not require a ground plane.

Note that the antenna, when sold separately, does NOT include an NMO mount, only the antenna. weBoost, however, does sell NMO mounts that are compatible and certified for use with their boosters.

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  • Model: 314405
  • Type: Omni-Directional
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Cable Type & Length: N/A - directly connects to NMO mount.
  • Connector: NMO
  • Internal Ground Plane: Yes
  • Dimensions: 3.3" high, 1.4" diameter
  • Mounting: Requires NMO mount.
  • Frequency / Gain:
    700-800 MHz - 3.2 dB
    824-894 MHz - 3.1 dB
    880-960 MHz - 3.1 dB
    1710-1880 MHz - 1.9 dB
    1850-1990 MHz - 1.9 dB
    2110-2170 MHz - .9 dB
  • Retail Price:  $49.99 Retail

Testing Status: We do not currently have this antenna for testing.


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Purchasing Options

Can be purchased as part of a kit, or as a standalone (antenna only with no mount).

weBoost Direct

weBoost 4G NMO Antenna
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Quick Take

The weBoost 4G NMO Antenna covers 3G/4G cellular frequencies, providing up to 3.2 dBi gain.

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