Review: weBoost Drive 4G-M / Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G (Mobile Cellular Booster)


The weBoost Drive 4G-M is the original mobile booster offered by weBoost and pre-dates the Drive 4G-X released in 2015 with several antenna combinations available.

It is more powerful than the cradle style weBoost Drive Sleek with a full 50db of gain, and supports multiple devices connected on multiple networks at once. However while it has the same 50db Gain as the 4G-X, it has less uplink transmit power - which is most noticeable in upload data speed performance.

The 4G-M is encased in a hefty metal case, and comes with a DC power supply brick, a small magnetic roof antenna (that requires a ground plane if you don't have a metal roof), and an interior patch antenna with a long flexible cord to increase your placement options.

Note: Before Wilson Electronics re-branded as weBoost, the weBoost Drive 4G-M was known as the Wilson Mobile 4G. We've been told by weBoost that other than the change to the external case color, the new and old version are identical.


  • Gain: 50dB
  • # of Devices Boosted: 4
  • LTE Bands Supported: 12 (17), 13, 5, 4, 2, 25
  • Exterior Antenna: 4" Magnetic Mount - 15' Cable
  • Internal Antenna: "Candy Bar" - 15' Cable
  • Range of Interior Coverage: 6" - 4' max?
  • In Motion Usage: Yes
  • List Price: $379

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Review & Testing Status

We've had the original Wilson Mobile 4G in our testing arsenal since it was originally released in the Summer of 2014, and we have extensive hands-on experience with it in a range of testing locations and featured it in our 2015 Booster Analysis.

Got Coverage?

Summary recap review: The 4G-M is a solid performing all around booster. For those who consider upload speeds to be critical, we do recommend paying the premium price for the 4G-X - as this is where the higher transmit power can shine. But if upload speeds are not a focus, the 4G-M is a solid choice.

We have brought the 4G-M back into active testing in 2018 for comparison to several new booster options on the market.

Members can access our raw field testing results here:

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Deal Alert: The Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G is the older version of this booster but in a blue case (otherwise electronically identical), and it is still occasionally found for sale at a substantial discount.

Note, the 4G-M comes standard with a 6v power supply that plugs in to a DC socket (ie. auto / cigarette lighter style). If you won't have a DC socket available and prefer to run this off of 110 AC power, you will also need to obtain a certified AC/DC power supply.

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Quick Take

The weBoost Drive 4G-M is a solidly performing and well-proven booster that supports all the key LTE bands and carriers, and can handle multiple devices at once. If upload speeds while in remote areas are not a prime focus, this is a great choice.

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