Review: weBoost Drive 4G-S / Wilson Sleek 4G (Mobile Cellular Booster)


The weBoost Drive 4G-S is a simple and easy cradle-style cellular booster designed for use with just one device at a time. You put an antenna on the roof of your vehicle (if you don't have a metal roof, you will need to provide a ground plane), and run that antenna to the inside cradle that is sized to hold most phones and mobile hotspots.

With the booster plugged into a nearby DC power jack or any 2a USB port, you are then good to go.

Note: Before Wilson Electronics re-branded as weBoost, the weBoost Drive 4G-S was known as the Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G. We've been told by weBoost that other than the slight changes to the external case, the new and old version are identical.


  • Gain: 23dB
  • # of Devices Boosted: One
  • LTE Bands Supported: 12 (17), 13, 5, 4, 2, 25
  • Exterior Antenna: 4" Magnetic Mount - 12.5' Cable
  • Internal Antenna: Integrated
  • Range of Interior Coverage: Cradle Only
  • In Motion Usage: Yes
  • Power Source: USB (2A), Comes with 12v Adapter
  • List Price: $179

Testing Status: We've had a the original Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G in our testing arsenal since it was first released, and featured it in our 2015 Booster Analysis.

We currently have the Sleek 4G in testing to compare it to the new Drive Sleek in active testing. Our field testing results can be found here for our members who want to follow along: Cellular Signal & Embedded Router Field Testing – IBR900 | MAX-BR1 | Drive Sleek | MIMO Antennas (1st Quarter 2018)

Once we have adequate data collected, we will update our review below for members.

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Deal Alert: The older Wilson Electronics Sleek 4G can often be found at close-out & refurbished prices, and we have been told by weBoost that the current Drive 4G-S is just a rebranded version with a slightly different case but identical internals. If you find the older model - you can save a bundle.

Do be sure to avoid the Sleek 4GV (Verizon) and Sleek 4GA (AT&T) variants though - these were even older versions of the Sleek that only support the LTE bands of the designated carrier.

weBoost Drive 4G-S Ratings
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Quick Take

For those not ready to invest in more expensive gear - the weBoost Drive 4G-S is an affordable starter booster.

If / when you are ready to upgrade to something better, the small and portable 4G-S can then be relocated into your toad or tow vehicle.

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