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The Rogue Wave is a roof-mounted CPE that uses a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 as the underlying CPE hardware.

The Bullet is coupled with an 8.5 dbi omni antenna which is very capable, but you cannot leave it erected on the roof of an RV - it is too tall. But mounted to a batwing antenna it is easily cranked up for use and lowered for travel.

The supplied interior router is a consumer grade Netgear. It is not a cellular router - thus you cannot attach a cellular modem to it and use that modem as a source of Internet. If you have a cellular hotspot, though, the Bullet will pick up the wireless signal as an available Internet source.

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Specifications - Rogue Wave

  • Base Technology: Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Titanium, Netgear N150 Router
  • Wi-Fi Router: Yes
  • Cellular Tethering via USB: No USB Port
  • Integrated Cellular Modem: No
  • Ethernet Ports: ?x 100Mbps Fast Ethernet  (WAN / LAN Configurable)
  • Special Features:
  • Power Source: 12V
  • Dimensions:
  • Outdoor Rated:
  • Retail Price:  $360

Testing Status: Our contributing author Jack Mayer has an extensive member review below, with a direct comparison of this device to the WiFiRanger and Pepwave.

The product overview below includes the following sections:
  • The Technology (What's in the Box)
  • Software User Interface
  • Performance Testing (Comparisons to the WiFiRanger MobileTi and Pepwave SoHo)
  • Competition
  • Recommendation Summary
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Rogue Wave Ratings
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  • User Interface
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Quick Take

A simple WiFi repeating device.

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