Product Overview: 4G LTE TS-9 MIMO Antenna by Urant / Aigital (Cellular Antennas)

This is a desktop MIMO antenna with 2 TS-9 connectors works for 4G signal enhancing of a cellular mobile hotspot device with two antenna ports. It's commonly listed as by Urant, Aigital or USpace - but is more generically marked simply as '4G LTE Antenna Dual MIMO 35dBi'.

MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) is the use of more than one antenna to increase signal performance. All LTE devices internally have at least two antennas to take advantage of this technology. This antenna is designed with two antennas inside its panel case, and then has two plugs that can go directly into a device with TS-9 ports (typically used on mobile hotspots like JetPacks and MiFis).

Suction desk / flat surface mount through single suction cup. No tricky roof installation needed. It's portable and rated for indoor use.


  • Model: 4G LTE
  • Type: MIMO - 4G Only
  • Frequency Range (MHz): 791-821MHz / 832-862MHz / 1710-1785MHz / 1805-1880MHz / 2500-2570MHz / 2620-2690MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Cable Length: 6.5' long cable
  • Connector: 2x TS-9 connectors
  • Dimensions: 6.8'' x 2.1'' x 6.6''
  • Mounting: Includes clips & suction cups
  • Frequency / Gain: Stated as 35dBi
  • Retail Price:  $18.50

Testing Status: We have purchased one of these antennas to test head to head with our top pick Netgear MIMO antenna. Our field testing results can be found here for our members who want to follow along:

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Quick Take

Urant's MIMO antenna with 2 TS-9 connectors is a compliment to any 4G mobile internet setup that includes mobile hotspots with dual antenna ports.

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