Review: Netgear 6000450 MIMO Antenna (Cellular Antennas)

Netgear's MIMO antenna with 2 TS-9 connectors, ideal for signal enhancing a cellular mobile hotspot device with two antenna ports.

MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) is the use of more than one antenna to increase signal performance. All LTE devices internally have at least two antennas to take advantage of this technology. This antenna is designed with two antennas inside it's panel case, and then had two plugs that can go directly into a device with TS-9 ports (typically used on mobile hotspots like JetPacks and MiFis).

Simply mount with the included suction cups to a window most closely facing the cellular tower you're connected to, or use the included clips to attach to the screen of a laptop. No tricky roof installation needed. And then plug in the two connectors to your Jetpack, MiFi or hotspot device's TS-9 ports.

It's portable and rated for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Model: 6000450
  • Type: MIMO
  • Cable Type & Length: 40" long cable
  • Connector: 2x TS-9 connectors
  • Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 5.5 mm
  • Mounting: Includes clips & suction cups
  • Frequency / Gain: Stated as 'up to 2.5 dB gain' 
  • Retail Price:  $27.49

Testing Status: We purchased one of these antennas on Amazon and have had it in multiple field testing rounds. We have opened our review & video overview (original member exclusive) to the public, and our members have access to our full Field Testing Results, and this antenna is specifically included in these rounds:


Special Public Review

Normally our reviews are member exclusive content. However, given how affordable & effective this option is  - we have decided to make most of this review public as an example of the types of in-depth reviews we do for all products we test.

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Thoughts & Analysis

Favorite Features:

  • Super affordable
  • Shorter cable length means minimal signal loss
  • Directional aiming focuses the gain for maximum performance
  • Hardly any installation needed - bring it out only when needed
  • TS-9 connectors built in, designed to plug directly into mobile hotspots (minimal signal loss)
  • Portable - you can take it with you in a backpack, purse or briefcase

Potential Downsides:

  • Super short antenna cables means your device will need to be pretty close the physical location of the antenna - could mean placing your device where there's no power, or possibly in the sun of a window (beware of overheating).
  • Directional means you'll need to do a little trial and error at each stop to find the optimal window to place this in.
  • Suction cups easily fall off when moving around.
  • Only works on devices with dual TS-9 antenna ports, which are primarily mobile hotspots (the 7730L, AC791L, Netgear Nighthawk, Velocity 2, Unite Explore, Unite Pro and Sprint Warp will all work with this.)
  • If your windows are coated with a metal based film (for privacy, heat reflection, etc.) - this could block the signal. In this case, having the antenna on the inside of the window would see little to no gain. (Solutions: try the front windshield and/or placing the antenna on the outside of the window).

After several rounds of testing, we've found enough locations where this antenna outperformed all other options we have on board - boosters and roof mounted MIMO antennas included. In moderate signal areas, this antenna simply rocks.

Because this antenna is directional, has short cables for minimal signal loss, uses MIMO and has direct T-S9 connectors - this antenna often outperforms other signal enhancing options for mobile hotspots. This can make a great spare antenna if you have multiple mobile hotspot devices or as a primary antenna option if roof installation is too daunting.

Just suction cup mount it in the general direction of the tower you're aiming for, plug it directly into your mobile hotspot and you have instant signal enhancing for under $30.

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Performance Results

Here's a quick snapshot of one location we tested at against our top pick signal enhancing options, weBoost 4G-X OTR booster and the Mobile Mark LTM-401 MIMO antenna:

Here also is our quick video review of this antenna:

Device Compatibility

This antenna will only work on devices with dual TS-9 antenna ports. Popular mobile hotspot models that include these ports are:

To check to see if other models have dual antenna ports, check our Mobile Hotspot Review Center and click the search button for 'Dual Antenna Ports'.

Antenna Port Notes:

  • No Antenna Ports: If your device does not have antenna ports (which smartphones don't tend to and some hotspots don't either), then antenna only options will not work - cellular boosters are the best option in this case.
  • Single Antenna Port: If your device only has a single antenna port (such as the Verizon 6620L), this antenna may work with just one cable plugged in - but be sure to experiment as both the hotspot and the antenna tend to have 'primary' and 'secondary' connections. You'll probably be better off using a single antenna option.
  • 4x4 MIMO Devices: Some devices, like the Netgear Nighthawk and the 8800L have internal 4x4 MIMO but only two antenna ports. When using the antenna ports, MIMO switches from 4x4 to 2x2. In some situations, the internal 4x4 may outperform external 2x2 - so always test at each location.
  • SMA or other styles: If your device has dual antenna ports but uses other connectors types, such as many mobile embedded cellular routers, you'll either need to find an adapter (which are rather rare) or seek out a different antenna solution.

Purchasing Options

Netgear MIMO Out Of Stock

The Netgear MIMO has been reported out of stock in the US since early October 2018, this is the second time in 2 years we've seen a prolonged period of it not being available. We hope it does come back in stock soon, and are keeping a watch on it. You may find it listed at inflated prices in other places listed below, or you may find it in stock at some retailers only to later find out it's really out of stock.

For alternative options for MIMO antennas, check out our Cellular Antenna Gear Center.

The Panorama Desktop MIMO and the Urant MIMO are both interior 'desktop' style alternatives with TS-9 connectors, and there are many roof mounted options as well that we have hands on time with.

Members have access to our head-to-head testing results above and within those gear center overviews, as well as our testing lab where we are constantly testing cellular signal enhancing solutions

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Netgear MIMO Ratings
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Quick Take

Netgear's MIMO antenna with 2 TS-9 connectors is a great compliment to any mobile internet setup that includes mobile hotspots with dual antenna ports.

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