Review: SolidRF MobileForce 4G (Mobile Cellular Booster)


The SolidRF 4G MobileForce (first released as the Top Signal Cobra, and then renamed the Extreme Mobile 4G) - a 5-band booster with separate amplifiers for each band. According to SolidRF, other boosters generally have just 2 internal amplifiers covering a range of bands.

With improved filters, higher linearity and lower stand-by power consumption - specifications indicate that this booster might be a serious contender.

The booster will cover Verizon LTE, AT&T LTE, T-Mobile LTE, Sprint and most other 4G regional carriers, as well as 3G on all major networks.

Got Coverage?


  • Gain: 50dB
  • # of Devices Boosted: Many
  • Exterior Antenna: 4" Magnetic Mount Omni - 12' Cable
  • Internal Antenna: Small Paddle - 12' Cable
  • Range of Interior Coverage: 2' - 4' max?
  • In Motion Usage: Yes
  • List Price: $399

Testing Status: We've had the SolidRF MobileForce 4G in our test arsenal since it was first released in the Spring of 2015 (originally called the Top Signal Cobra), and featured it in our 2015 Booster Analysis.

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SolidRF MobileForce 4G Ratings
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Quick Take

The SolidRF held its own admirably in our testing, but it was rarely our top pick at any of our testing locations. This is a good middle-of-the-road option, especially if found at a discount.

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