Review: Sky2 by WiFiRanger (Mobile Routers & Long Range WiFi Extending)

The WiFiRanger Sky2 (left) is typically bundled with the WiFiRanger Core (right) - though you can request an upgrade to the more advanced GoAC instead.

To best bring in distant Wi-Fi, nothing beats having the radio up on the roof.

The WiFiRanger Sky2 (announced May 2015) is WiFiRanger's most basic roof-mounted offering. It consists of a small weather-sealed box with a stubby antenna (total height 8") on top.

In December 2016, WiFiRanger also released the new SkyPro, which is a higher powered version of the Sky2 in a similar low profile form factor - and the EliteAC, which is WiFiRanger's current roof-mounted flagship.

WiFiRanger claims the Sky2 has a maximum range of 2500ft (1/2 mile), the SkyPro's range is 1.5 miles, while the EliteAC has a maximum range of 2 miles.

These range predictions are extremely optimistic, but they should give you a good sense of the relative capabilities on offer.

Specifications - WiFiRanger Sky2

  • Wi-Fi Router: Yes
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n - 150Mbps Max
    • 5GHz Wi-Fi: N/A
    • Wi-Fi Antenna: Integrated, 5dBi Antenna
    • Claimed Wi-Fi Range: 2500'
    • Wi-Fi as WAN: Yes
    • Guest Wi-Fi Network: Yes
  • Cellular Tethering via USB: No, but can pair with an indoor WiFiRanger for this functionality.
  • Integrated Cellular Modem: No
  • Ethernet Ports: No, but can pair with an indoor WiFiRanger for this functionality.
  • Special Features: Data Usage Tracking, Auto Faillover
  • Power Source: POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Dimensions: 8"x 5.5" x 3"
  • Outdoor Rated: Yes
  • Retail Price:  $199.99 | Paired with Core: $359.99

Other Models & Variations

The roof-mounted WiFiRanger SkyPro (left) is typically bundled with the indoor WiFiRanger Core (right).

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The WiFiRanger Sky2 may look similar to the more advanced SkyPro, but it is significantly less advanced.

The dual-antennas are a dead giveaway that you are looking at the "Pro" model. The Sky2 has just a single antenna coming out the top.

The original WiIFiRanger Sky is also a white roof-mounted box, but it is easily recognized because it does not have any external antennas rising up from it.

Review & Testing Status

WiFiRanger sent us a review unit of the Sky2 for evaluation in May 2015.

We have had the Sky2 mounted on our RV roof ever since, and have had it in active head-to-head testing against several other competitors.

We share our more detailed analysis, hands-on thoughts, and an in-depth video guide with our members below.

And members can view our ongoing field testing and range results here:

Mobile Router & Wi-Fi Gear Testing (Winter 2016/2017)

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Purchasing Options

WiFiRanger primarily sells direct online and at RV rallies.

The Sky2 is typically sold as part of the Sky2 Pack, bundled with a WiFiRanger Core indoor router for $359.99.

But you can buy the Sky2 standalone if you ask for it, or you can choose to order with the more capable indoor GoAC instead.

Members: Be sure to check the Members Discount page for an exclusive discount code to use when ordering.

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Quick Take

WiFiRanger's most basic roof-mounted system is an OK performer, but anyone considering it should also evaluate spending a bit more for a SkyPro.

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