[Current Testing] Mobile Router & WiFi Gear Testing (Winter 2016/2017)


With several new mobile routers just released on the market, we're doing some extensive head-to-head testing with them.

Our premium members have access to our in progress field testing notes and results below so they can follow along. After we've had our hands on time, we'll be releasing our in-depth reviews for each of the products based on our experiences. Those reviews will also be member only, but our 'Quick Takes' will be updated for the public as well as our star ratings.

The new routers we are looking at this round:

We also have some 'oldie but goodie' routers we'll be doing some comparisons to:

For guides to mobile routers, and further explanations of the features and reviews:

Selecting a Mobile Router – Bringing Mobile Internet Options Together and Creating a Local RV Network


Our testing procedures:


We'll be setting up a series of head-to-head testing scenarios and taking speed measurements doing a variety of tasks. This may include:

  • Raw LAN Speeds
  • WiFi as WAN Speeds
  • Mobile Hotspot Tethering
  • WiFi Distance Range (Send / Receive)

We'll also be taking notes on user interface, reliability and general performance to include in our eventual in-depth reviews of each of these products.

Testing Progress: March 6, 2017 - We have been testing equipment since late 2016 as we can fit in testing time. We have extensive data on the performance of the indoor routers, and now have 3 range testing results completed for the extended WiFi gear. Members can view the field results below. We will soon be switching gears to getting reviews out of the individual products. 

Our members already have access to our 'First Look' video based on our initial hands on time with the WiFiRanger and new Pepwave SOHO.


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