weBoost Launches Drive 4G-X RV Cellular Booster / Antenna Kit

The new weBoost Drive 4G-X RV kit combines our favorite cellular booster with an indoor and outdoor antenna in a kit many RVers may find appealing.

When weBoost first announced the Drive 4G-X cellular booster in February 2015, they also announced a special weBoost Drive 4G-XR bundle "coming soon" that was intended specifically for RVers.

For the longest time - this upcoming kit was even featured prominently on the weBoost website.

But then in April 2015, weBoost removed the Drive 4G-XR from their website, and in June 2015 we were told:

"The Drive 4G-XR is a kit that could take another year to launch, but it will be very similar to the Drive 4G-X just added antenna accessories."

When weBoost launched the 4G-X OTR kit intended for semi-trucks (with a hefty 24" tall antenna!) last summer, they marketed it to RVers as well. But the tall antenna made it a tough fit for many RV installations.

But at long last, weBoost today has announced an official kit based on the Drive 4G-X booster explicitly for RVers - the Drive 4G-X RV.

But was it worth waiting for?

weBoost sent us a kit to preview a few weeks ago, and here are the details.

What's In The Kit - A Lot of Boxes!

The Driver 4G-X RV kit is broken down into installation steps, with each step packaged in its own box. That's a LOT of boxes!

Got Coverage?

At the heart of the 4G-X RV kit is the same tried-and-true 4G-X booster we have recommended for over a year.

But weBoost replaces the 4" stubby mag-mount antenna in the base kit (originally intended for mounting onto metal vehicle roofs) with a new outdoor antenna, the weBoost 4G Omni antenna (normally $79) that is 7.5" tall.

This isn't actually a new antenna - this has been available as an option with weBoost's residential boosters for a while now. It should be able to more easily mount to an RV ladder, exterior wall, or to a flagpole - and it does not require a metal ground plane.

To provide indoor coverage, weBoost is now including a 4G Desktop Antenna - which theoretically should provide a bit more interior coverage area than the stock small paddle antenna included in the other 4G-X kits.

This new indoor antenna is directional and broadcasts out in a 120-degree slice to better focus the interior coverage area. A similar antenna has been used before in the weBoost RV 4G kit (built around a much less capable booster).

To complete the kit, weBoost includes 20' of RG-6 antenna cable, AC and DC power supplies, and even zip ties and a cable entry cover designed to waterproof any hole you may need to drill in your RV.

The weBoost Drive 4G-X RV kit comes with everything you might possibly need for installation, including zip ties to secure the cables, and even a cover plate in case you need to drill a hole in your RV.

Unboxing Video

Here's our unboxing video and first impressions:

Does The Drive 4G-X RV Make Sense?

The Drive 4G-X remains our top pick booster - but there are now three "official" versions available from weBoost. Though the antennas included vary - the core amplifier is identical between all these packages.

Here is how they compare:

  • Drive 4G-X (vehicle/original): Includes a 4" mag-mount roof antenna with gains ranging from .5 - 3.1 dB at the end of a 12.5' cable, and a small interior patch antenna - also on a 12.5" cable. Intended for installation on a metal vehicle roof. Many RVers have thrived with this kit, or have started here and upgraded to different antennas. $479.
  • Drive 4G-X OTR: Marketed to the "over the road" big-rig truck market, this kit (announced June 2016) swaps the 4" stubby antenna for the 24" tall version of weBoost's 4G-OTR "trucker" antenna with gains ranging from 2.5 - 3. 5 dB at the end of a 14' cable. Despite installation challenges from the tall antenna (see our review page for some shared install ideas), many RVers have found this to be a very worthwhile upgrade. $499
  • Drive 4G-X RV: New today and targeted explicitly for RV installation, this new kit combines a shorter pole/ladder mount style external antenna with gains ranging from 2-4 dB at the end of a 20' cable, with an indoor desktop antenna. Select retailers should have this new kit available for sale starting today - April 17th, 2017. $499

MIA Member Note: Please be sure to check your Member Discounts Page before ordering - many vendors offer our premium members special discounts that can add up very quickly!

You can always buy the antennas separately to transform one kit into another. But at only a $20 list price premium, the OTR and RV bundles makes a lot of sense if they better fit your installation needs, rather than paying much more to buy an antenna upgrade separately later.

Testing in Progress

The new weBoost Drive 4G-X RV kit.

We are looking forward to testing the new 4G-X RV kit to see how it compares with the 4" stubby and the 4G-OTR antenna configurations.

We'll be installing all three versions, plus the SureCall Fusion2Go-RV, Smoothtalker Mobile X6 and hopefully the as-of-yet unreleased Cel-Fi Go M kit - and taking them into the field for extensive head-to-head testing in known signal challenged areas.

As always we will be sharing our results with our premium members first here:

[Next Project] Cellular Signal Enhancing Field Testing Results (2nd Quarter 2017).

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