[Coming Soon] Understanding & Optimizing Your Cellular Signal


We have just completed our 4th round of cellular signal enhancing testing of various boosters and antenna setups. We'll soon be adding this guide to our resources here, kicked off by our upcoming member exclusive webinar that will become part of this guide:

When: Tuesday, March 28 - 8pm, EDT
Topic: Understanding & Optimizing your Cellular Signal

Description: There are so many variables that can impact your cellular signal and thus performance. In this month's webinar, we'll overview understanding those variables, reading your signal (bars, db, SNR, bands, speed tests, pings and more) and the steps you can take to optimize your performance. We'll go over antenna only solutions, MIMO and boosters - recapping a bit of our recent round of signal enhancing testing too.

This webinar will be jam packed with information, so come prepared to set aside a good hour with us! This webinar WILL be archived for viewing later, and the foundation of a brand new guide we're creating on optimizing your cellular signal.

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