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Working, TV, Gaming

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Data Plans
Signal Enhancing

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Wi-Fi Hotspots

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Tech Cabinets

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Section 1: Mobile Internet Basics

Before you decide on what gear and plans will make up your mobile internet setup - you have to assess your mobile internet needs.

What is right for you depends on what you want to be able to do online, your travel style and how important reliable mobile internet will be for you.

In this section, the lessons are meant to help you assess your own personal needs and understand the basic options out there.

Chapter: Assessing your Needs & Understanding the Basics

Free  |  Beginner

By far the two most common ways that RVers will be able to get online is via either a cellular data connection or via campground or public WiFi network.

But – one of the most basic questions we occasionally get asked – just what exactly is the difference?

There's so much confusion out there as to why separate antennas and booster equipment are needed for cellular and WiFi connections. Both are wireless frequency signals after all, so just how are they different?

Read the Guide:

 What is the Difference Between Wi-Fi and Cellular?

View the Video (7m):

Free  |  Beginner

Our overview guide to the basics of mobile internet options, and where we recommend anyone just starting out begin their research.

Read the Guide:

 Mobile Internet Options Overview

View the Video (16m):

Member Only  |  Beginner

There is no singular one-size fits all solution - each traveler is going to have their unique considerations. This lesson will help you understand how your own needs can impact the choices you make.

Read the Guide:

 Assessing Your Mobile Internet Needs

View the Video (43 m  - Member Only - Log In to View):

Chapter: Special Use Cases

The things you need to be able to do online will have a huge impact on the solutions you should consider in your mobile internet setup. Here are some specific common tasks travelers tend to want to do online, and the special considerations to make.

This section complements the Use Cases chapter in The Mobile Internet Handbook, starting on Page 89.

Free  |  Beginner

If you'll be hitting the road and working remotely, your internet needs will be essential. This guide goes over the specific things you need to take into consideration when thinking through your mobile internet setup.

Read the Guide:

Mobile Internet Tips for Working Remotely


View the Video (51m):

Free & Member Only  |  Beginner

It's not all campfires and S'Mores on the road - sometimes RVers like to kick back with their Netflix, or tune in for Game of Thrones or the play off games. This guide covers options for mobile TV & movie viewing.

Read the Guide:

TV & Movie Entertainment on the Road

View the Video (28 m - Member Only - Log In to View):

Free & Member Only  |  Beginner

Traveling internationally as a US Based traveling and keeping connected has its challenges, but it's gotten easier and easier. These guides go over the options, including the roaming policies of the US carriers, Wi-Fi and getting around international video blocks.

Read the Guides:

General International Options Keeping Connected in Canada Keeping Connected in Mexico

View the Video (28 m - Member Only - Log In to View):

Member Only  |  Intermediate

Online gaming is entirely possible on the road, but there's a lot to understand about setting up a mobile internet arsenal to support the challenges of latency, carrier grade NAT and huge file downloads.

Read the Guide:

Online Gaming over Mobile Internet

View the Video (36 m - Member Only - Log In to View):


Section 2: Cellular Data

Cellular Data is a primary way mobile travelers stay online.

This section will go through considerations for selecting plans, selecting your gear and enhancing your signal.

Because cellular data is currently the most viable source of maintaining connectivity while traveling, we have a lot of content on this subject to share. There are 9 lessons in this section, ranging from beginner to advanced.


Section 3: Other Ways Online

While cellular data is a hugely popular, affordable and a relatively easy option to keep online while being mobile - it's certainly not the only option. Or necessarily the right option for you as a primary means online.

Alternatives might include using Wi-Fi hotspots (such as those provided by campgrounds & marinas), satellite (for those really wanting to go off the grid) or thinking outside the box for alternative ideas that might not be obvious at first.

This section will go over these options, and the trade-offs that tend to make these options not the first or primary connectivity type for mobility.


Section 4: Bringing It All Together

Once you've considered the options you'll use to keep connected - now it's time to figure out how to bring it all together to make it work as easily as possible in your travels.

This section will go over routers (the heart of your network), installation and our preferred approach to centralizing your gear for optimal performance.

You don't necessarily have to be a networking engineer to end up with a nicely streamlined setup that you can manage on your own.

Section 5: Sample Setups

While it's very rare for any two nomadic households to have exactly the same setup given all of the options and unique needs for mobile internet - we have put together a few basic samples to give you some ideas.

From basic, moderate to advanced - and everything inbetween, the sky is the limit to how your setup might end up looking. But hopefully these samples give you somewhere to start.

You can also view some sample real life RVer setups:

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