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About Chris Dunphy

Chris has been a full-time technomad since 2006, and currently splitting time exploring North America by boat and RV with his partner Cherie.

A lifelong geek, he was one of the founding editors of ‘boot Magazine’ (still going strong as ‘Maximum PC’), and before hitting the road full time he was the Director of Competitive Analysis for mobile technology pioneers Palm & PalmSource.

Keeping up on mobile technology is a passion for him. Chris is one part of Technomadia (view their personal Mobile Internet Setup) and co-founder/host of the Mobile Internet Resource Center.

FCC Abandons Network Neutrality Rules – What Does It Mean?

As expected, yesterday the FCC voted to roll back the “Network Neutrality” rules that had first gone into effect in 2015 during the Obama administration. With the FCC majority now under the control of the new Republican Chairman (and former Verizon lawyer) Ajit Pai – this rule change was considered inevitable despite record public opposition. […]

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Long Awaited Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 at Last Released!

Last week Wednesday evening just before the start of the Thanksgiving holiday, Pepwave at made the long-awaited next generation MAX BR1 MK2 cellular-integrated router official, updating its public website with final details. This product update is LONG overdue – we had been initially told to expect a next generation BR1 last November, then February, then […]

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AT&T Evolves the Home Base – New Wireless Internet Home Router Option Vastly More Advanced

AT&T’s Wireless Home Phone & Internet plans and accompanying Home Base router jumped to prominence last February when AT&T began to offer special “rural” plans to customers in qualifying areas that included 250GB/mo for just $60 or 500GB/mo for $100. The plan itself was great (particularly before AT&T’s even better Unlimited Plus came along) – […]

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AT&T Announces New Flagship Hotspot: Netgear Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot with “5G Evolution”

AT&T yesterday announced the imminent launch of the Netgear Nighthawk – “the world’s first commercial Gigabit LTE Mobile Hotspot Router”, capable of achieving theoretical peak gigabit LTE speeds. AT&T is calling this the first “5G Evolution” capable hotspot, and it is indeed very technologically impressive. The Nighthawk is a major jump beyond AT&T’s current flagship […]

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Verizon Offers To Disable Video Throttling – For $10/mo

In August when Verizon rolled out its new Beyond Unlimited plan, the plan brought with it a new limit – video connections would now be capped at “HD Resolution”. And… This new limitation applied not just to new customers signing up for Beyond Unlimited, but retroactively across the board to ALL Verizon plans – including […]

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Breaking News: Major Wi-Fi Security Vulnerability Revealed, Mobile Routers & Devices Impacted

This morning an embargo was lifted on a newly discovered major security vulnerability that impacts essentially EVERY Wi-Fi device currently in existence. In particular – recent Android and Linux devices are particularly vulnerable to having secure connections eavesdropped upon, though with more effort the same attack can be used against Windows, iOS, and MacOS. Even […]

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AT&T Mobile Hotspots “No Longer Eligible” for Unlimited Data Plans

Update (10/29/2017) – Unlimited Plus Hotspots Still Being Activated The original leaked deadline of 10/27 has passed, and hotspot devices are still able to be activated on Unlimited plus for new and existing customers. Which negates at least part of the original leak, and supports rescinding of the policy. Suspicion from others posting online is […]

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weBoost Introduces Substantially Sleeker “Drive Sleek” Cellular Booster

When Wilson Electronics rebranded as weBoost in 2015, they took the existing Sleek 4G cradle-style signal booster, changed the plastic casing a bit, and re-released it as the weBoost Drive 4G-S – retiring the “Sleek” brand in the process. But now “Sleek” is back in the weBoost product line – with today’s newly announced weBoost […]

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Apple’s New iPhones – Cellular Performance Potential Analyzed

This past week Apple unveiled the new iPhone 8 line, and the stunning all-new iPhone X. In just about every way these new phones raise the bar for the entire mobile industry, with laptop-caliber CPU performance in your pocket, incredible augmented reality features, and cameras that promise to take absolutely stunning pictures. But… While the latest iPhones are […]

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Cell Carriers Respond to Hurricane Harvey With Free Data, Calls, COWs, and COLTs

It is heartbreaking to see the disaster unfolding across the Texas Gulf Coast as Harvey slowly rolls through, dumping absolutely unimaginable amounts of rain. In this sort of disaster – wired infrastructure is easily damaged, and people forced to evacuate are left with only mobile technology to rely on. Fortunately – all the major cellular […]

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Verizon’s New Plans Heap New Limits On “Unlimited”

Verizon is making some major changes. Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, August 23rd) Verizon is retiring its newly launched Unlimited plan from February, and is replacing it with a whole new set of Unlimited plans – with a whole lot of complicated fine print and limitations attached. Most significantly – video is now being throttled on every […]

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The Race to Gigabit LTE (And Why Things Seem To Actually Be Getting Slower)

Two of the top stories in the past week in the cellular industry seem to be in direct conflict with each other. On one hand – there are reports of carriers demonstrating real-world gigabit cellular speeds, with Verizon and T-Mobile both boasting that they will be rolling out gigabit capability in some areas and on […]

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Verizon Experimenting With Netflix / YouTube Video Throttling

UPDATE (July 23rd, 2017): Experiment Seemingly Over We can confirm that as of this morning, it seems as if Verizon has stopped experimentally throttling video streams. The line we had witnessed consistently capped at 10Mbps is now humming along at 30+ Mbps. Some have speculated that Verizon only backed down from the throttling because of […]

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AT&T Enables “Stream Saver” To Throttle Mobley Video – Here’s How To Turn It Off

We’ve written at length about the amazing unlimited AT&T Connected Car plan that came out in February. When used with a Mobley, it allows for unlimited hotspot data on AT&T for just $20/mo. With such an amazing offer – it is no wonder that this deal has taken the RVing world by storm. But lately – […]

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Satellite Internet Update: Iridium, OneWeb, SpaceX, and HughesNet

It has been a busy month for space fans. June began with the launch of ViaSat-2, the “world’s most powerful” internet communications satellite. And yesterday afternoon there was another major launch destined to expand the potential for staying connected anywhere on the globe: The launch of the second set of ten satellites in the Iridium […]

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