Coming Soon: Lippert OneControl ConnectAnywhere Smart RV System

Lippert Components is coming out with an upgrade - called ConnectAnywhere to its OneControl RV control system.  ConnectAnywhere adds integrated LTE Cellular connectivity which adds the ability to control the OneControl system from anywhere as well as provide LTE data for the RV.

The system is powered by a ConnectAnywhere cellular gateway module that allows sharing of a user-provided AT&T or T-Mobile data connection.  Customers will just need to provide a compatible activated SIM card and data plan.

The ConnectAnywhere system also provides voice control via Amazon's Alexa.

The 2019 Grand Design Momentum models will come with OneControl ConnectAnywhere standard, and 2019 Forest River Vengeance Toy Haulers will come pre-wired to allow a OneControl ConnectAnywhere Aftermarket Kit to be purchased and added later.

Based on Lippert's track record, we expect many other RV manufacturers will  begin to offer this pre-wiring too.

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We look forward to digging into the deeper technical capabilities of what this system can offer.

To keep up the latest OneControl developments (and for a list of compatible RV models), check Lippert's web portal.

Hardware Specifications

  • Supported Cellular Carriers: AT&T or T-Mobile
  • # of Connected Devices: Not yet known
  • Network Bands Supported: Not yet known
    LTE Bands: Unknown
    4G: Unknown
    3G: Unknown
  • LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation: Not yet known
  • LTE Performance Category: Not yet known
  • Integrated Cellular Antenna: 2x 4G LTE antennas
  • Wi-Fi Technology / Frequencies: 2.4GHz
  • Other Ports: Not yet known
  • SIM Card Type: Not yet known
  • Retail Price: Not yet known

Cellular Plan Options

Options for a paired cellular data plan are not yet available other than the system is designed to work with AT&T and T-Mobile data plans.

Review & Testing Status

We do not intend to purchase a new RV to test this system.

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Purchasing Options

Only available on select new RV's.  See the Lippert Website for a list of models.

  • Overall Rating

Quick Take

This integrated RV smart control and 4G LTE system looks promising, but we need more details to evaluate this option.

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