Overview: Alternative Global Cloud SIMs (Cellular Plans)

While not suitable for our core audience of US based nomads, if they work, global Cloud SIM hotspots may be useful for those with occasional or hyper mobile international excursions.

We track some of the global hotspot options available, and often test them when we go international for short bursts.

While this Gear Center entry does not go in depth on particular systems, we do keep a list of interesting Global Cloud SIMS - and are always on the lookout for systems that are highly applicable to US based RVers and Cruisers.

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We do keep a Gear Center entry which focuses on well-marketed Skyroam system, which we have tested, here.


  • We.Stream - The data plans from We.Stream appear lackluster. The "unlimited" plan only included 2GB of high-speed data a month, and then speeds drop to being only suitable for text and email.
  • tep - A global data plan rental vendor, tep offers rented hotspots for $8.95/day for 1GB of 'full speed data' with additional fees for upgrading to 4G/LTE data for that 1GB, chargers, and device insurance. After 1GB is used, speeds are slowed to 256kbps for the remainder of the day.
  • International Mobile Internet Options for US Based Travelers
  • iWiFiTravel - "Unlimited" 4G global data for $10/day.  Targeted to short-term travelers.  Customers pay in advance and receive a global hotspot in the mail which must be returned at the end of the rental period.
    • The unlimited 4G service comes with the following restriction: "The data that you receive is unlimited, but the rate at which you use the data must stay within the International Fair Usage Policy. This simply means that you cannot stream video or use excessively large amounts of data for more than short periods at a time. All telecom companies that offer unlimited Internet access still require you to follow this policy."
    • US Coverage is provided by AT&T, Europe, India and Australia coverage is through Vodaphone. Coverage in other countries is available by emailing iWiFiTravel support.
  • RoamingMan - The data plan for RoamingMan is deceiving - technically 'unlimited', but after 500MB of high-speed data per day, you are throttled to 384kbps until the next day. $9.99 per day. Cellular based. Must rent device - no purchase option.
  • GlocalMe - Data plans based on country of travel with differing data allotments and lengths of use before expiration. Offering 3 different types of hotspots, GlocalMe devices are portable, SIM-free, and support a maximum five devices. The G2 and G3 devices can serve as powerbanks in addition to hotspots. Once of the biggest differences we noted between the devices is battery life. This is not a US based company, as evidenced by the poor English translation on their website.
  • GigSky - Data only services, no voice or text. GigSky offers regional data plans with differing data allotments that vary from 300mb per day to 5GB for 30 days.  No unlimited options are available. Compatible with eSIM devices (including dual-sim iPhones), but they also sell SIM cards for $10 on Amazon. GigSky does not sell or rent devices, customers must bring their own unlocked, compatible device. Data purchases and account management are made through the website or companion app.
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