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About Cherie Ve Ard

Cherie has been a full-time technomad since 2007 joining up with her partner-in-crime Chris, and is currently splitting time exploring North America by boat and RV.

Growing up in a high tech household, she was using the internet since before it was called the internet. She absolutely needed reliable connectivity to take her software development business on the road in 2007 to work remotely.

After answering so many questions about mobile internet on their Technomadia blog (view their personal Mobile Internet Setup) we set out to create the Mobile Internet Resource Center to help the nomadic community stay connected.

Netflix HDMI Out for Downloaded Content on Apple iOS 11 Devices Temporarily Disabled

We’ve received a couple of reports, and have confirmed – that the latest release of the Netflix App for smartphones & tablets is no longer working with HDMI out mirroring for downloaded content. It is however still working for streamed content. And the issues seems to be contained to Apple products running iOS 11 Using a […]

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ALERT: 15GB Mobile Hotspot Cap Enforcement Coming on Verizon New Unlimited Data Plans

When Verizon launched the new Verizon Unlimited Plan in February, the fine print clearly stated that hotspot / tethering usage would be limited to 10GB per billing period – with tethering speeds supposed to be throttled to a glacial 600kbps once that limit was crossed. In August, Verizon increased that cap to 15GB per device. Enforcement […]

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Xfinity Mobile Now Available to All Comcast Internet Customers

(UPDATE: 8/30/17) Comcast & Xfinity mobile are currently working towards allowing customers to bring their own devices (BYOD) to their service. If you’re interested in this plan, and don’t want to purchase a new phone from Comcast, be sure to take this news into consideration. Back in April, Comcast soft launched a test market of […]

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Simple Mobile T-Mobile Plans Discounted for Amazon Prime Customers

T-Mobile based cellular plans are abound this week it seems, and another deal is just announced specifically for Amazon Prime members. MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) Simple Mobile has partnered with Amazon to offer a limited time promotion (undisclosed for how long) of 25% off their cellular phone plans. You can keep the special rates […]

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Mid-2017 Mobile Internet Update

At the end of every year we do a wrap-up of major changes in the mobile internet industry. But this year, there’s been so many significant changes since that major update that we thought it would be worthwhile to present a quick mid-year review to keep all of our readers up to date. First, here’s […]

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AT&T’s Wireless Home Phone & Internet Rural Plan – 250GB for $60/month!

There are some evenings you’re up late on Facebook, on Valentine’s Day no less, and you see something that makes you blink your eyes in disbelief. 250GB of high speed LTE data on AT&T for $60/month?? And 500GB for $100?!? But that’s precisely what Robert Wisner posted about in the Full Time RVers Group on Facebook. Frustrated […]

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Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plans – With Some Catches

In a surprising Sunday evening press release, Verizon has announced that starting tomorrow morning (February 13th) it will once again be offering unlimited data plans. This is a shocking move from a company that just a year ago was swearing that Unlimited Data Plans made no financial sense, with Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo frequently speaking […]

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Cricket Wireless Adjusts Plans – 8GB for $50/mo | 12GB for $60/mo

(11/14/17) UPDATE: Cricket has terminated their 8GB and 12GB data bucket plans. They now offer a 2GB, 5GB, and two unlimited type plans. (1/25/17) – Data Plan Allotment Increases: AT&T’s Cricket Wireless just announced that beginning January 27, 2017, it will be increasing the amount of high speed data included on its $60 plan. The […]

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EchoStar 19 Launches from Cape Canaveral, A Huge Step for Mobile Satellite Internet

On Sunday afternoon, the long awaited EchoStar 19 satellite built for HughesNet launched from Cape Canaveral Florida after a few delays. The launch is exciting news for RVers awaiting the next potential viable option for mobile satellite internet. In Summer 2015, RTC Communications announced they were working with HughesNet to allow mobility with their KA-band […]

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4G Antenna Shop Offers Unlimited Data Plan on AT&T’s Network Starting at $60/mo

  We’re always keeping an eye out for interesting cellular data plans that are a good fit for the needs of RVers. In particular, we have been on the lookout for a reasonable AT&T based offering since the sudden demise of Harbor Mobile a couple months ago. Earlier this week we had a reader contact us asking about a newer […]

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Verizon Prepaid Data Plans Get Always-On Data

Earlier this month nationwide cellular carrier Verizon re-tooled all of their postpaid plans. One of the popular new features is ‘Safety Mode’ which allows customers to choose what happens when they hit their data cap – be charged overages, or be throttled to slower speeds. Now Verizon is introducing a similar concept for their prepaid customers […]

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Verizon Introduces the ‘New’ Verizon Plan – Raises Prices, Adds Data & Features

As we reported on last week, Verizon has been dropping hints about “fireworks” this week, fueling rumors of newly revised Verizon plans with some exciting new features about to be announced. And today – Verizon made it official, announcing the new plans will become available tomorrow, July 7th. And while the new features are indeed pretty exciting, […]

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Karma Launches ‘Premium’ Add-On Service

Karma, the Sprint reseller with their own proprietary mobile hotspot and some unique data plans, just sent out notification to their customers that they have a new add-on service they are calling ‘Premium’. The service can be added to either of their Pulse or Refuel data plans. The Premium service adds the following features: Ability to […]

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AT&T Prepaid goPhone Plans Get Extra Data

Good news for those utilizing or contemplating an AT&T prepaid phone plan via their goPhone brand. Starting on Friday, the carrier has announced they will be including a bit of extra data on these plans for the same price. The $45/month plan is going from 2GB to 3GB of high speed data. And the $60/month […]

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