AT&T Reseller Harbor Mobile Gives Customers 2-Day Notice of Cancellation

Harbor Mobile, a reseller of AT&T business plans that came on our radar earlier this year, sent out a message to their customers today telling them the will no longer be able to provide the service. Harbor Mobile offered very affordable smartphone and data only plans that were a fraction of the cost of going direct with AT&T.

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Options for Continued Service

Service will be suspended on Sunday at midnight, and customer may be able to sign up directly with AT&T, however pricing will be significantly higher than what Harbor Mobile was offering. We've been tracking folks who have switched, and they are basically paying current market rates direct with AT&T, but with no contract. But that is an option for the quickest transfer of service until you figure out your alternatives. Just call 888-444-4410 and dial 2 and then 5 to get this set up.

Got Coverage?

All phones activated on Harbor Mobile should be unlocked and eligible to activate on any other AT&T based plan, and potentially other carriers as well. T-Mobile may be a viable option for you as well.
We are also tracking any possible alternatives. At present time, this is the best option we've found for AT&T service:

Cricket Wireless offers 5GB and 10GB smartphone data plans that can have mobile hotspot activated, and include use in Canada & Mexico. Service will range from $55 - 70/month. Keep in mind however that their new unlimited data plan is on device only and does NOT include tethering.

For all current data pricing, please refer to the member data plan pricing guide:
Cellular Carrier Data Pricing & Plan Guide
Saving your Phone Number:

Any customers with a phone number on Harbor Mobile they want to keep should get it safely ported to another service before Sunday evening or they will risk losing the phone number.

Google Voice offers porting as a viable option to 'park' the number if switching plans isn't viable at the moment - it costs $20 to do the port, and you just need a Google account to set it up - here's a link to information on this option It will take 24-hours to complete and does not require you have a blank SIM card to complete - so get on this ASAP if you want this option.

Refunds for Unused Service
Initially it looked like there would be no refunds issued for unused service - and Harbor Mobile was advising customers to just use all the data up this weekend. At present time, Harbor Mobile is publicly responding to customer inquiries on their Facebook Page instructing them to e-mail to request a refund for unused service.

MVNO Reminder

This is another reminder of these reseller deals that seem to come and go. The carriers or the providers often need to make drastic and quick changes to these plans.

We can now add Harbor Mobile to the growing list that includes KarmaMillenicom and Omnilynx. If you chose to sign up with a reseller, always keep this in mind.

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