Millenicom Customer Accounts Acquired by Verizon

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E-mails to Millenicom customers have gone out confirming the news we got a hint of earlier today - Verizon is acquiring all Millenicom customer accounts.

"We are announcing the acquisition by Verizon of the Millenicom customers who use their service. There should be no interruption with your Internet connection, they will be in contact with you regarding plan options.

Please accept our most sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be your Internet provider."

We were told by Millenicom that: "They'll be contacting everyone individually with what their plan options will be going forward. The transition should be seamless."

Millenicom followed up on Friday with an additional e-mail to their customers:

This is to correct an earlier email that was sent to you regarding your service.  Verizon Wireless, the carrier providing your wireless service, may be contacting you about options for your ongoing service.  Going forward your relationship will be directly with Verizon Wireless.  Millenicom will no longer have any role concerning your account and Millenicom does not now or will have any relationship with Verizon Wireless.  Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this notice may cause.

And then pretty much as soon as this e-mail was received, their 24-hour phone support line began to be answered with 'We are closed'.

We don't know yet what the Verizon plan details will be, and will share as soon as we have any details and update our advice going forward.

The timing comes of course while the big carriers are offering 'double data' deals this month - which already  has mobile internet consumers considering their best options going forward.

Now we know, Millenicom will not play a role. It remains to be seen what sort of offer Verizon will make to existing Millenicom customers.

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For now, here are some of the common questions we've fielded:

Q: I haven't received an e-mail from Millenicom, does this mean I'm not affected by this?

A:  Unfortunately... no.  ALL Millenicom accounts have been acquired by Verizon. We don't know why a lot of Millenicom customers haven't received emails yet.

Q: What plans will be offered by Verizon to Millenicom customers? Will it require a contract? Will I be able to suspend service like I did with Millenicom? Will I have to take out a Mobile Share plan to continue?

A: Nobody knows. They new terms could be the same, worse, or better.  We'll report just as soon as we know anything. Everyone, us included, are in a holding pattern on this.

Q: When will Verizon be contacting customers?  Will it be before the Oct 31 expiration of the double data deals so I can make informed decisions?

A: We don't know. We recommend you set a decision date for yourself, and act on it.

Q: Can I activate my Millenicom hotspot device direct with Verizon?

A: Yes! Your Millenicom device is a Verizon device with a sticker for Millenicom tech support on it. You can get a SIM card from Verizon to use in your hotspot device and activate direct with them.  Since the device is paid off already, and unlocked, you don't even have to sign a contract. Hotspots can be added to Mobile Everything plans for just $20/month.

Q: I heard that customers who purchased within the last 30 days are eligible for a full refund.. what about everyone else?

A: We do not know of any direct Millenicom customers getting refunds. Please understand this decision was not Millenicom's, it was Verizon's - they were as caught off guard by this just as much as everyone.  If you no longer want your Millenicom hotspot device, you are able to resell it on eBay, Craigslist, etc. But we recommend holding off until we know what Verizon offers, who knows - you may end up with a grandfathered in plan that has value to someone else to take over (that is PURE speculation.)

 Q: If I need support on my Millenicom Verizon plan.. who do I contact now?

A: Millenicom has sent a clear message that they are no longer servicing the accounts. We've heard of a few reports of folks calling Verizon directly, and eventually finding someone who knows anything about the acquisition. It seems Verizon is not yet set up to fully take over customer support on these accounts - hopefully that comes online soon. We know it's frustrating, especially for those who may be having throttling issues (usually a problem with newer accounts) or equipment issues.  All we can say is... try calling Verizon and/or hang tight until they have fully setup the individual accounts in their system.

Latest Updates: We've done a bit more digging, and have published an update (10/19/2014) here.


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