Selecting Cellular Data Plans – Pricing & Carrier Guide


Selecting your ideal cellular carrier and plan can be an overwhelming adventure, especially for RVers who need to replace a home internet connection while being mobile.

This guide is here to help you do that, and is a living document that we'll keep updated as each of the four major carriers change around their plans and offerings.

Included in this guide:

This guide is focused on finding the best options for keeping a nomadic household online. We are only interested in data that can be shared with your laptops and other gadgets, not just consumed on a single phone or tablet. Data that is “unlimited” but throttled to super slow speeds isn’t particularly interesting for this comparison either.

Most nomadic households also need a voice line or two as well, so we do factor in voice somewhat into our analysis. But the focus here is on data. Lots and lots of glorious data!  As a result, this guide offers very detailed information.

Choosing your Carrier - Plans and Features for the Four Carriers

When you're an RVer, selecting your ideal carrier(s) comes down to more than the best price. You need to also select based on which will give you the most reliable coverage in the places you want to travel. To learn more about the carriers coverage and technology:

Our guide on the Four Carriers:
The Four Major US Carriers – Which is Best for RVers? 

For choosing your plans, here's what each currently offers:

Verizon Plans & Features

On July 7, 2016 Verizon introduced the 'New' Verizon Plan, and then in February 2017 Verizon revised things further introducing the Verizon Unlimited option, Verizon's first official unlimited offering since 2011. In August 2017, they revised their Unlimited Options again.

This current Verizon plans are now:

  • Small - 2GB - $35/mo (plus $20/line access fees)
  • Medium - 4GB - $50/mo (plus $20/line access fees)
  • Large - 8GB - $70/mo (plus $20/line access fees)
  • Go Unlimited - $75/month (single line), $65/line (2 lines), $50/line (3 lines), $40/line (4+ lines)
  • Beyond Unlimited - $85/mo (single line), $80/line (2 lines), $60/line (2 lines), $50/line (4+ lines)

+ Additional devices:  You also pay an additional "line access fee" to add tablets and Jetpack hotspots at $20/mo each, and you can have up to ten lines sharing a plan.

Verizon also has data-only shared plans for customers that do not have a smartphone line, though there is no unlimited option and the costs for large buckets of data quickly gets stratospheric (100GB for $730/month).

Here are some of the most interesting policies and perks of the current Verizon plans:

  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Carryover Data: The Verizon S, M & L plans now include 'Carry Over Data'.  If you don't use all of your allotted data in your current billing period, it rolls over to be used the next month. But you cannot build up a balance - the unused data expires after just one month.
  • Safety Mode & Data Boost: Verizon's tiered data plans now include the ability to turn on 'Safety Mode' to eliminate the risk of surprise overage charges for using too much data. With Safety Mode enabled, data will simply be slowed down for the remainder of the month to 2G-speed (128 kbps) once the high-speed data is used up. If you do need more fast data, you can manually purchase a "Data Boost" for $15/GB as needed.
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: All Verizon plans include mobile hotspot use. However, there are limits on the "unlimited" plans:
    • Go Unlimited: Mobile hotspot speeds are always capped at 600 kbps speeds.
    • Beyond Unlimited: Includes 15GB of 4G high-speed mobile hotspot before reducing to 600kbps for the remainder of the month. This 15GB usage cap applies even to standalone Jetpack hotspot lines sharing an unlimited plan. A data boost of 5GB of mobile hotspot data can be purchased for $35.
  • Video Throttling: New as of August 23, 2017, all Verizon plans (even legacy and tiered data plans) are subject to 720p video resolution caps on smartphones and 1080p on tablets & tethered devices. For $10/month you can override this on 4K compatible devices.
  • Unlimited Domestic Roaming: Verizon imposes no limits on domestic roaming for calls or data when you are off their network, making Verizon's coverage map seem even larger than it already is. The new Unlimited plan though claims that domestic roaming may be capped at 2G speeds, and Verizon has sent out termination letters to unlimited customers who primarily utilize their extended LTE network coverage.
  • International Roaming: For customers with the new unlimited plans, roaming in Mexico and Canada includes 500MB/day of high-speed data per line at no extra charge. Verizon also offers a 'Travel Pass' which allows you to use your plan internationally. In Mexico & Canada the cost is $5 per 24-hours on tiered data plans (free for Unlimited), and in other countries it is $10 per 24 hours. Charges are only imposed when you actually use the plan, and there is a 500mb per day limit.

Unlimited Data Options

There are now four options for unlimited data on Verizon:

  • 'New' Unlimited Data Plan - Beginning August 23, 2017 Verizon has changed their unlimited data plans to have two choices.
    • Go Unlimited: This plan is always subject to network management (you may be slowed down during times of congestion), video is always capped to 480p on smartphones (720p on tablets) and mobile hotspot use is always restricted to 600 kbps.
    • Beyond Unlimited: This plan allows for HD video resolution on smartphones capped at 720p and 1080p for tablets & tethered devices. But this plan IS subject to network management once an unlimited customer has used more than 22GB on a line in a month. Once this threshold is reached, Verizon "may prioritize usage behind other customers in the event of network congestion". High speed mobile hotspot is capped at 15GB per month.
  • Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans - Last offered in 2011, these grandfathered plans offer unthrottled high speed Verizon data that is NOT subject to network management after 22GB of usage but are subject to Verizon's video throttling (new August 2017). The plan supports unlimited mobile hotspot usage too. You can even use this plan inside a Jetpack and share an unlimited connection with other devices. This is still the best plan out there for most RVers seeking a home internet replacement, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get one of these rare old plans. We track the options in our Guide to Verizon Unlimited Data Plans. Note though that these plans have no (affordable) support for any international roaming, unlike the new Verizon Unlimited plan.
  • PopData: For those on tiered data plans, Verizon allows the purchase of 30 minutes ($2) or 60 minutes ($3) sessions of unlimited "PopData" when needed. This is an interesting option for those needing to handle a bulk upload (posting to YouTube), but for most people this is just a gimmick.

The 'Old' Verizon Plan Policies & Perks (Prior to 7/7/2016)

  • Verizon raised prices somewhat when it rolled out the New Verizon plan, so some RVers have been holding on to this generation of plan.
  • Do be aware that these older plans lack Safety Mode to avoid overage charges, and have no Carryover Data.

Postpaid plans will require a credit check in advance, customers who are unable to go through the credit check or can't pass it may be subject to a $450 deposit to activate an account. Each new device activated on the account is also subject to a $35 activation fee. Verizon allows their postpaid accounts to be suspended in up to 3-month increments, for a maximum of 6 months a year.

Also, make sure you are getting the best price - Verizon has a lot of discount offers for military, veterans and employees of companies they have contracts with: Verizon Discount List

Verizon Recommendation

If you are forced to pick just a single cellular carrier to keep connected via while RVing, Verizon remains the obvious choice for their network - but options for getting plans with a usable amount of data are pricey or difficult.

But just like it would be foolish to jump out of an airplane without a reserve parachute, it makes sense to keep a secondary cellular plan on board too for the situations where Verizon is lacking.

We recommend a Verizon + T-Mobile or Verizon + AT&T combo, and for those who need more redundancy - nothing beats having all three on board.

AT&T Plans & Features

Tiered Data Plans

The data-limited AT&T Mobile Share Plans are currently on their third iteration in two years - Mobile Share Flex - which replaced Mobile Share Advantage in January 2018. The Flex plans are very similar to the previous advantage plans except they offer less value - they either cost more or provide less data for the same price.

The Mobile Share plans offer shared pools of data available ranging from 1GB for $35/mo on up to 20GB for $110/mo. However, you must also pay a "line access charge" for every device sharing in the data - $20/mo for smartphones and hotspots, and $10/mo for most other devices.  With the line access charges, plus taxes and fees, these plans can be very expensive for the amount of data they provide.

Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T also offers two unlimited data plans, each offering unlimited talk and text. The Unlimited Choice starts at $60/month for a single line but is capped at 3 Mbps speeds and only includes SD video. Unlimited Plus start at $90/month for a single line. There is no speed cap, and smartphone & tablet lines include 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data.

Here's an overview of AT&T's current plan policies and perks:

  • AT&T Stream Saver & HD Video: All current AT&T plans (even unlimited) now come with the Stream Saver featured enabled by default, which throttles video streams to 480p "DVD Quality" resolution so that streaming video uses less data. This feature can be manually turned off to enable full-resolution HD streaming.
  • Mobile Hotspot: All AT&T Advantage plans include mobile hotspot use, letting you share your metered data however you wish. Unlimited Plus plans include 10GB of high speed mobile hotspot use on smartphone and tablet plans, and internet only devices can be added with no mobile hotspot cap. Unlimited Choice plans do not include mobile hotspot as a feature on smartphones and tablets. Internet only devices on the choice plan do not have a data cap, but are still limited to 3Mbps speed.
  • No Overage Charges: The Advantage plans drop to 2G (128kbps) speed when all the high-speed data allotment for the month is used up, avoiding overage charges.
  • Rollover Data: AT&T Advantage plans include Rollover Data.  If you don't use all of your allotted data in your current billing period, it rolls over to be used the next month. But you can not build up a balance - the unused data expires after just one month.
  • Unlimited DirecTV Streaming: AT&T owns DirecTV, and to encourage customers to sign up for both services streaming from the DirecTV app on a smartphone or tablet does not count against AT&T monthly data caps or towards network management thresholds on unlimited plans. Of course, AT&T Unlimited customers can stream any video service desired, but usage does count towards network management thresholds.
  • Domestic Roaming: AT&T's network has a decent sized off-carrier roaming area, with domestic data roaming limited to 400MB per month. If you exceed that, your data access may be shut down until you are back on AT&T native towers.
  • International Roaming: AT&T's international features are a bit confusing.
    • Mexico: Mobile Share Advantage plans with 10GB+ of data can automatically be used just like in the US in Mexico (some devices are exempt and will incur charges - check with AT&T before traveling), but not in Canada. Plans with less data get 1GB of high-speed Mexican data, but the feature must be turned on in advance before a trip. However, if a customer uses more than 50% of their data in Canada or Mexico for two consecutive months, the feature may be removed.
    • Canada & Mexico: The AT&T Unlimited plans have a "Roam North America" feature that allows for free voice, text, and data roaming in Canada & Mexico. However, if a customer uses more than 50% of their data in Canada or Mexico for two consecutive months, the feature may be removed.
    • Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, Latin America, and Asia Pacific
      • With activation of the International Day Pass feature (no charge to activate), AT&T customers can use their existing plans and all of their plan's features (including high-speed unlimited data) for $10 per device per 24-hour period. Note that the fine print indicates that this feature will be removed from the account if the majority of a  customer's usage is international for two months in a row.
      • A monthly Passport Package can also be activated (warning: these are pricey)
    • Rest of the World: A monthly Passport Package can also be activated (warning: these are pricey)

NOTE:  AT&T's Unlimited plans are subject to "network management" once an unlimited customer has used more than 22GB on a line in a month. Once this threshold is reached, AT&T "may slow data speeds" during periods of network congestion.

AT&T Recommendation

AT&T lags a bit behind Verizon in terms of raw geographic coverage and is often bested by the performance of T-Mobile. However they currently offer the only unlimited data plan for internet only devices with unlimited data only subject to network management. This makes them a very strong consideration as a component of a mobile internet setup.

AT&T's coverage is often strong in areas other carriers are particularly weak, such as in remote west Texas, the Florida Everglades or in some areas of the Alaskan wilderness. And when Verizon towers are saturated, often nearby AT&T towers are still steaming along.

Verizon and AT&T together make a particularly potent combination for those who are optimizing for the best possible cellular connectivity. And some nomads are choosing to give AT&T a try as their primary data network.

T-Mobile Plans & Features

In August 2016 T-Mobile launched the "all unlimited" One and One+ plans, and in January 2017 T-Mobile retired its popular Simple Choice plans for new customers leaving the One plans as the only choice. In August 2017, T-Mobile added a senior plan with reduced pricing for account holders 55 years of age and older.

Current Plans

  • T-Mobile One smartphone and tablet plans start at a base price of $70 for unlimited talk, text, and data. If you need more than a single line, things get progressively cheaper the more lines you add.
  • Account holders aged 55+ are eligible for a 2 line One+ plan starting at a price of $50 (with autopay) for unlimited talk, text, and data. Other than the 2 line restriction and the need to be 55+, this plan is identical to the plans available to all customers.

Here are some of the most interesting policies and perks of the T-Mobile One plan:

  • Unlimited (Almost) Everything: Talk, text, and on-device data are unlimited and there are no overage charges to worry about. But there ARE some important restrictions to be aware of.
    • Network Management: Customers who are in the top 3% of heaviest users on T-Mobile (currently those using 50GB/mo) are subject to network management once they have crossed this monthly threshold, which means that their ongoing usage will be slowed down relative to other T-Mobile customers - but only when towers are congested.
    • Domestic Roaming Limits: After 200mb of domestic roaming data usage, T-Mobile cuts off roaming network usage until your next billing cycle, or until you're back in a native area.
  • HD Video Streaming: The base One plan only includes 480p video resolution. However, upgrading to One+ or One+International allows for full HD resolution video streaming.
    • SD Video in Canada & Mexico: While usage is still unlimited in these countries, video will be throttled down to 480p.
  • Mobile Hotspot: All T-Mobile One plans include mobile hotspot use at 3G (512kbps) speeds. One+ customers (+ $10/mo) get 10GB of 4G  high-speed mobile hotspot or tethering use, and then 3G speeds for the remainder of the month for tethering. Customers who are paying the $25/mo "One+ International" upgrade get unlimited high-speed hotspot usage.
    • De-Prioritized Data: On-device data speeds are prioritized over mobile hotspot speeds, so on congested towers there may be a noticeable performance hit.
    • Primarily For On Device Usage: T-Mobile reserves the right to contact customers 'to discuss options' for those using the plans primarily as a mobile hotspot.
    • Standalone Hotspots: The One plans support smartphones and tablets, and dedicated hotspots and routers can NOT be used with unlimited plans. Metered data-only plans are still available for these types of devices.
  • Taxes & Fees Included: Beginning in January 2017, all T-Mobile One plans are flat priced and inclusive of taxes & fees.
  • The Uncontract: T-Mobile promises to never raise your prices or cancel your plan, even if the plan you are on is retired for new customers.
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays: Every Tuesday T-Mobile customers get something free for logging in to a special website. In the past it was weekly fully free pizza, though the offers have not been nearly as exciting in a while.
  • Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi: T-Mobile One plans include one hour per flight of free Gogo access to get a smartphone online, and for $5/mo the One+ plan adds unlimited Gogo usage and a few other perks.
  • Mobile Without Borders - Canada & Mexico: All T-Mobile plans can be used anywhere in Mexico & Canada just as if you were at home, including tethering! T-Mobile does reserve the right to enforce a policy that the plan needs to be used 'mostly' in the USA, so extended snowbirds should be wary.
  • Simple Mobile - Rest of the World: T-Mobile plans include free unlimited international text messaging, and free unlimited data in over 140 counties internationally at a slow (but useable) 256kbps speed. T-Mobile also has reasonable rates for voice calls too.
+Notes on Grandfathered Simple Choice Plans

T-Mobile began phasing out Simple Choice plans in September 2016, and eliminated them in January 2017. However, they have gone on record that they will grandfather these plans for as long as customers keep paying their bill. These plans had tiered high-speed data caps, Binge On unlimited video streaming and Data Stash.

In particular, we regularly recommended the $35/month 6GB data only plan.

Here are some of the key features of this plan:

  • International: Binge On video streaming is not included outside the USA. Simple Choice customers can purchase pricey Data Passes for 3G international speeds for outside of North America.
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: T-Mobile plans include mobile hotspot use, however they do prioritize on device data over tethered / mobile hotspot data on all smartphone and tablet plans when on congested towers.
  • Data Roll Over: Any high-speed data you don't use is rolled over into 'Data Stash' for up to a year. You can accumulate up to 20GB in this account, to use when you need it.
  • Overage Charges: T-Mobile never charges overage fees. Once you hit your high-speed data cap, you are simply slowed down to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing period.
  • Streaming:
    • Simple Choice - Binge On! All Simple Choice plans (postpaid) with 6GB of data or more include video streaming that does not count against your high-speed data cap on partnered networks (including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBONow, YouTube, etc.), but at DVD-quality lower resolution. It officially only works on-device or when tethered to a laptop - but many have reported success using the service now with Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, FireTV, etc (be sure to carefully watch your data usage!)  They also include free music streaming over many services. (Note, their Prepaid plans do NOT include the video streaming.) Binge On usage does count towards network management thresholds and is subject to slower speeds for high usage customers when on congested towers after using 32GB of data in a month.
  • Unlimited Data Plans: Include 14GB of high-speed mobile hotspot use, and are subject to network management.

Note: Reseller Millenicom still offers the Simple Choice data-only plans with the same pricing and benefits.

T-Mobile Recommendation

T-Mobile is the carrier to watch right now as their network expansion plans are impressive.  They may seriously challenge Verizon and AT&T in terms of coverage by the end of 2018.

While T-Mobile's coverage has been constantly expanding, at this time we still can not recommend T-Mobile as a primary carrier for travelers who need the most coverage nationwide.

But as a secondary carrier T-Mobile has a LOT to offer. Particularly for those needing great international support, T-Mobile is hard to beat.

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Sprint comes in last primarily because of its limited coverage.  It can be a good secondary option in urban areas and along major highways, but lack of coverage in many areas of the country relegates it to, at best, a supporting role for most travelers.

Policies & Perks

  • Domestic Roaming: Has a 100-300MB roaming cap per month on all of their data plans. If you go over, they start charging overage fees of 25 cents per megabyte. That can add up very quickly!
  • International: Sprint's international plans can be a bit confusing:
    • Premium International Experience Unlimited Freedom plan customers get free LTE data roaming, texts and voice calls in Mexico & Canada - deemed the "Premium International Experience."
    • Sprint Global Roaming Those who are not on an 'unlimited Freedom' plan are eligible for this option. You get free unlimited data, text messaging, and voice calls for 20-cents a minute – but data speeds are limited to 2G (64kbps) speed on the Global Roaming plan, even in Canada and Mexico. You must sign up for this 'add on' at least 3 days in advance of your international usage.
    • Data Passes If you are not eligible for the "Premium International Experience" (aka, on an Unlimited Freedom plan), but you still need faster access at faster than 2G speeds, you can purchase data passes. These passes provide you with full speed data for $2 a day or $10 a week - limited to the constraints (data limits) of your plan.
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: All Sprint tiered data plans include mobile hotspot use, and their unlimited data plans include 10GB of 4G high-speed use. You can add another 10GB of hotspot data to a line for an additional $30/ month ($25/ month for a tablet). Sprint does not offer unlimited hotspot data on any plan.
  • Data Roll Over: Sprint will roll unused data from their 10GB hotspot data only option to the next month, giving a potential 20GB of data available. This is not true for unused mobile hotspot data on a regular Freedom Unlimited phone line.
  • Overage Charges: Sprint never charges overage fees. Once you hit your high speed data cap, you are just simply slowed down to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing period.
  • Streaming: All streaming counts against data caps on Sprint. On unlimited plans, streaming is at available at HD resolution. Unlimited plans include a basic subscription to the Hulu streaming service.

Unlimited Data Plans

  • Sprint offers an unlimited smartphone plan called Unlimited Freedom that includes 10GB of high speed mobile hotspot use, and is subject to network management after 23GB of use. HD video streaming is included, but music & gaming may be restricted in speed.

Recommendation: If you're sticking to urban areas and traveling mostly interstates, Sprint, particularly one of the high bandwidth or unlimited MVNO options, may be a worthwhile part of your arsenal. But for most travelers, Sprint is not an ideal option.

MVNO Plans and Features

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (aka MVNOs) do not own their own cellular networks, they buy service in bulk from the major carriers and resell it under their own brands with their own terms.

Via an MVNO you can get better deals and higher usage caps than you ever could by buying direct.

Usually, an MVNO is not allowed to advertise who is providing the underlying network, but if you explicitly ask or do some online digging, it isn’t hard to figure out which data network is behind any given plan.

Some brands are actually owned and operated by the big carriers themselves – allowing them to target smaller markets and niche services without diluting their national brand.

Most carriers also offer prepaid or pay-as-you-go plans that allow customers to only pay for service when they need it, rather than making month to month commitments. This makes setting up service super-easy without requiring signing contracts or going through credit checks.

The MVNO Landscape is ALWAYS Changing

There are so many more MVNO choices out there; for an overwhelming list of the options, check the list of MVNO’s on Wikipedia.

The Downside of MVNOs & Resellers

Keep in mind that carriers often favor their own name brand service over the cut-rate wholesale services they offer to MVNOs. And sometimes reseller plans that appear on the market are not officially authorized by the carrier.

While service provided by an MVNO may take advantage of the same underlying network, the MVNO may have speed caps in place, be de-prioritized over direct carrier traffic, or may not be able to take advantage of the underlying carrier’s roaming partnerships.

And if there are network issues – you have to convince the MVNO’s support staff to elevate the issue to the carrier, since MVNO customers are not entitled to direct carrier support.

But the biggest downside of MVNOs is that the offerings may not last.

Every so often a reseller comes along with an offer that seems too good to be true. And all too often – these offers, and even the MVNO itself - do not last for long once the underlying network provider starts to object or they realize their costs to deliver the service are higher than anticipated.

Remember these?

  • Millenicom: A previous staple in many RVer’s mobile internet setup for affordable Verizon data plans, until Verizon pulled the plug in 2014.
  • OmniLynx: In 2015 RVers who jumped quickly were able to get a couple months of unlimited Verizon data cheap from OmniLynx - before that deal evaporated and service was discontinued.
  • Karma’s Neverstop: Originally launched in November 2015 as an unlimited Sprint plan, but limits were slapped in place once Karma realized it could not afford the amounts of data its customers were consuming. Soon after Karma completely discontinued the plan.
  • Harbor Mobile: In May 2016, an AT&T business reseller offering great rates, was shut down by AT&T giving customers only 2-days to seek an alternative.

The important lesson here is to be ready to jump on great offers when they come along (we announce them at, but to be wary.

Always have a backup plan in place in case service gets cut off suddenly. Always keep in mind that the “no contract” terms go both ways!

Always resist the temptation to break existing contracts or give up irreplaceable grandfathered plans for a reseller’s offer which may not last.


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Plan Guide

Here are all of the plans we're tracking on each of the carriers - from resellers, MVNOs, prepaid and more.  Use the filter buttons to find the plans that you're seeking, and click on the squares to get more information on the plans:

U.S. Cellular

The largest regional carrier offers plans that include nationwide coverage, but not for primary use.

Overall Review:


FreedomPop offers free cellular plans on Sprint and global plans including T-Mobile & AT&T.

Overall Review:

Straight Talk

A TracFone brand available at Walmart offers prepaid mobile hotspot plans, primarily on Verizon and AT&T.

Overall Review:

Virgin Mobile

Subsidiary of Sprint, offering prepaid smartphone plans with mobile hotspot use.

Overall Review:

Simply Prepaid

T-Mobile’s lower cost prepaid native cellular phone & data plan.

Overall Review:

Project Fi

Google’s unique MVNO option that combines the coverage map of Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular.

Overall Review:

Karma Go

Karma’s proprietary mobile hotspot provides service powered by Sprint.


Overall Review:

H2O Bolt

Reseller of AT&T offering dedicated data plans for mobile hotspots.

Join the MIA
Overall Review:

Better Choice & Unlimited Freedom

Sprint’s own postpaid native cellular phone & data plan.

Overall Review:

Sprint Prepaid

Sprint’s own prepaid native cellular phone plans.

Overall Review:


Owned by T-Mobile, MetroPCS offers competitive prepaid smartphone plans with tetherable data.

Overall Review:

4G Antenna Shop

Offers month-to-month no contract plans on T-Mobile, AT&T and sometimes Verizon.

Overall Review:

Sprint Unlimited Plan

This plan is now discontinued, and replaced with an Unlimitedville Rental Plan.

Overall Review:

Consumer Cellular

Reseller of AT&T and T-Mobile, offering smaller data plans with mobile hotspot use.

Overall Review:

Mobile Solutions (Defunct)

Offers month-to-month no contract unlimited plans on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. But poor customer service reported.

Overall Review:

Boost Mobile

Subsidiary of Sprint, offering prepaid smartphone and mobile hotspot plans.

Overall Review:

Charge (Defunct)

Now defunct, Charge offered prepaid never expiring data on the Sprint network for smartphones and mobile hotspots.

Overall Review:

Cricket Wireless

Subsidiary of AT&T offering prepaid smartphone plans with data usage.

Overall Review:

Unlimitedville Rental Plans

Unlimitedville offers one-stop shopping for unlimited data plan rentals on all of the major carriers.

Overall Review:

Non-Profit Sprint Unlimited Data Plans

A clause in the Sprint Clear WiMax purchase allows for non-profits to offer low cost unlimited data plans.

Overall Review:


A Sprint MVNO with ‘build your own’ plans and either prepaid or pay-as-you-go options.

Overall Review:

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan (Rental/Lease)

Renting or leasing a plan is a flexible way to obtain a Verizon unlimited plan, but has a higher monthly cost.

Overall Review:


Offers T-Mobile smartphone and data plans at lower costs but with all the T-Mobile postpaid perks.

Overall Review:

Wireless Home Phone & Internet

AT&T’s cellular data plan intended for homes, offers more GBs for the dollar.

Overall Review:

Credo Mobile

Verizon reseller that includes mobile hotspot use on tiered data plans.

Overall Review:

Boom! Mobile

Verizon reseller that includes mobile hotspot use on iPhones, and no roaming restrictions.

Overall Review:

Republic Wireless

A Sprint / T-Mobile MVNO

Overall Review:


T-Mobile authorized reseller offering prepaid business plans with most of the perks of a direct T-Mobile account, at competitive prices.

Overall Review:

US Mobile

T-Mobile & Verizon MVNO featuring smaller, hotspot ready, full speed data buckets on customizable plans.

Overall Review:

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile offers an unlimited data plan for Comcast cable TV and internet customers.

Overall Review:


Global mobile hotspot with a virtual-SIM that allows you to purchase day passes for unlimited international use.

$99 - $149

Overall Review:

Simple Mobile

A T-Mobile MVNO offering an unlimited data plan with tethering capabilities.

Overall Review:

Unlimited LTE Advanced

Unlimited LTE Advanced offers an unlimited, prepaid, no credit check hotspot plan on the T-Mobile network.

Overall Review:

Mint SIM

Mint SIM offers multi-month prepaid plans with tethering capabilities on the T-Mobile network.

Overall Review:

Pure Talk USA

AT&T MVNO offering prepaid smartphone plans with capped data usage and hotspot capability.

Overall Review:

Wireless Internet Router & Data Plans by AT&T

AT&T’s cellular data plans & router intended for homes, but usable on the road for some.

Overall Review:

FMCA Data Plans

FMCA offers data plans on the Verizon and Sprint networks for FMCA members.

Overall Review:

Konnected Router & Data Plans

An upstart in the mobile internet business, offering a mobile router packaged with unlimited type data plans in the near future.

Overall Review:

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