Overview: (Coming Soon) FurrionAccess by Furrion (Mobile Router | Wi-Fi Extending | Cellular Modem)

A forthcoming Furrion technology system will offer an indoor/outdoor router and antenna system that integrates 4G LTE and Wi-Fi with standard TV and AM/FM reception.

It is designed to run on Verizon LTE bands, includes a Wi-Fi booster, and is also advertised to catch HD TV signals.

The LTE / Wi-Fi router portion of the Access set-up will come as a snap-in option and is reported to be able to extend a LAN up to 400 feet.

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This system is designed to work in tandem with Furrion’s 4G LTE prepaid data plans, which we expect will be on the Verizon network.

This system requires a 2" hole in the roof. It is soon to be a pre-installed option in many Keystone brand RVs.

This system is not yet available to the public. The Furrion Access Antenna will be available this fall with for $109.95. The Furrion LTE Wi-Fi Router will be available this Fall for $349.95. No word on whether packaging the two items to create a system will reduce costs. 

Specifications - FurrionAccess

  • Indoor Unit (Cellular/Wi-Fi Router):
    • Integrated Cellular Modem:
      • Bands 2/4/13 (Verizon)
      • Ethernet Ports: 2 x 2GB
    • Wi-Fi Router: 
      • Indoor Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n/ac
    • Wi-Fi Antenna:
    • Power Source: 12V DC
    • Additional Ports: USB
  • Outdoor Antenna Unit:
    • Omni-directional antenna
    • Receives: VHF, UHF, FM, AM and LTE signal
    • Dimensions: 29' 'x 10'' x 8''
    • Outdoor Rated: Yes - IP56
    • Color: White or black
  • Retail Price:
    • Antenna:$110
    • Wi-Fi/Cellular Router: $350

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