Product Overview: The Wirie Pro and The Wirie AP+ by Island Consulting (Mobile Router / Long Range WiFi)


This device has been discontinued or we consider it obsolete. While current owners of this device may continue to find performance to be adequate for the foreseeable tech-future, we do not recommend upgrading to or purchasing this device.

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July 2018 Update: Looks like Island Consulting as gone out of business. This note is found on their website:

Island Consulting designs marine-grade Wi-Fi repeating systems the integrate in cellular capability, that is also suitable for some RVing situations.

The Wirie Pro is their flagship product - combining a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Titanium long range wifi radio with a global 2G/3G/4G GSM cellular modem, proprietary router all into a single waterproof box with a customized user interface for managing it all.  The Wirie AP+ ditches the cellular capability, but is otherwise identical for $399.

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This creates an all-in-one cellular and WiFi-as-WAN system for nomads looking to get connected anywhere there is even the faintest hint of cellular or WiFi signal.

Specifications - The Wirie

  • Base Technology: Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Titanium
  • Wi-Fi Router: Yes
    • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n -
    • 5GHz Wi-Fi: N/A
    • Wi-Fi Antenna: 1x Integrated , 8 dBi Antenna Included
    • Wi-Fi as WAN: Yes
    • Guest Wi-Fi Network:
  • Cellular Tethering via USB: No USB Port
  • Integrated Cellular Modem: Yes
    • Carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile
      • B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B13/B17/B20
      • 2G/3G/4G Model: 850/900/AWS/1800/1900/2100
    • 4G/3G: ?
    • 2G: ?
    • LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation: No
    • LTE Performance Category:
    • Cellular Antennas: Integrated
    • SIM Slots:
  • Ethernet Ports: No
  • Special Features:
  • Power Source: 12v
  • Dimensions: 113 x 138 x 29 mm
  • Outdoor Rated: Yes
  • Retail Price:  $699.99 | $799.99 w/LTE | AP+ for $399

Testing Status: We do not have an evaluation unit.

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All in one integrate marine grade WiFi repeating and cellular router.

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