Coming Soon: Airstream Smart Control Technology & Unlimited Adventure Plan

Airstream Smart Control Technology & Unlimited Adventure plan is a fully integrated cellular, WiFi, smart control and RV automation system backed by an AT&T cellular data plan.

The package comes standard on 2019+ Airstream Classic models and will be available to existing Airstreams via a dealer-installed upgrade package.

This integrated system will provide advanced remote control and monitoring features, and it also provides a long-range Wi-Fi system and integrated AT&T LTE modem.  Many RV systems can be remotely controlled via a companion app.

At least for now, you must purchase the proprietary cellular/ Wi-Fi hardware module directly from Airstream, and "professional installation" from a dealer will be required.

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Specific details on this hardware and costs have not yet been revealed.

Hardware Specifications

  • Supported Cellular Carriers: AT&T
  • # of Connected Devices: Not yet announced
  • Network Bands Supported:
    LTE Bands: Not yet announced
    4G: Not yet announced
    3G: Not yet announced
  • LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation: Not yet announced
  • LTE Performance Category: Not yet announced
  • Cellular Antenna Ports / Integrated Cellular Antenna: Not yet announced
  • Wi-Fi Technology / Frequencies: Not yet announced
  • Other Ports: Not yet announced
  • SIM Card Type: Not yet announced
  • Retail Price: Not yet announced

Cellular Plan Options

Once available, the "Unlimited Adventure" plan from AT&T will allow unlimited and unthrottled hotspot data for a full year for just $360. Or you can purchase data as needed in smaller chunks - 5GB at a time for $25.  The plan is considered a prepaid plan but is run by  AT&T's Connect Car department.

For the annual data plan, keep in mind that the plan cannot be transferred if the RV is sold and there is no pro-rated refund, except for residents of  some states.

Plan Details and Policies
  • Domestic Roaming: 100MB/month.  Speed may be restricted to 2G. Going over the roaming allowance may result in termination.
  • Throttling: None
  • Network Management: 22GB
  • International: Canada Only
  • Data Roll Over: None
  • Overage Charges: None
  • Streaming Policies / Restrictions: No free streaming is included.  Plans do not use StreamSaver.
  • Unlimited Data: Available - requires prepaying for a year of service for $360.

Review & Testing Status

We do not intend to purchase an Airstream to test this system.

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Purchasing Options

Direct from Airstream

  • Overall Rating

Quick Take

A fully integrated cellular, WiFi, smart control and RV automation system backed by an AT&T cellular data plan sounds great on paper, but we need to see the details and costs before making any conclusions.

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