WARNING: DirecTV Now 2.0 Update Breaks HDMI Output, Chromecast Support

JULY 2018 UPDATE: It's Fixed!

The DirecTV Now 2.1 update fixes HDMI output, and seemingly many other issues.

Read our article about the update, and other changes to AT&T's treatment of DirecTV streaming data, here.

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If you're a DirecTV Now app user, and you utilize HDMI or Chromecast to broadcast your shows onto a big screen: DON'T MOVE!

Back away from the 'update all option' in your app updates section.

Allowing the DirecTV app to update to 2.0 will break your ability to use HDMI or Chromecast outputs. 

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It seems the DirecTV Now 2.0 update is a complete rewrite of the app, and they didn't actually test the new version well before pushing it out - there is a lot more than just HDMI output that has been broken. Firestick support is also having issues, and comment threads are filled with all sorts of other bug reports.

DirecTV has acknowledged this issue in their user support forums, and appears to be working on a fix, but an ETA for a patch has not been announced.



We will continue to monitor this developing story and will update this article as news trickles in.

But, for now, we strongly advise against updating the DirecTV Now app to 2.0 if you pair the app with HDMI or Chromecast outputs.

What are the chances? Hulu just patched their HDMI app issues - and now DirecTV Now has forsaken us.

Ok, a little dramatic, but let's hope they get this handled soon! We've got shows to watch!

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