Verizon Promises “Fireworks” – Rumors Point To Rollover Data, Canadian Roaming

UPDATE: The news is official - our story with the details is here.

Verizon seems to be on the verge of announcing some major changes to its plans in the next few days, according to rumors based upon a screenshot leaked by a supposed Verizon employee and shared in a Reddit forum.

The big changes:

  • Carryover Data: It seems as if Verizon will be copying AT&T and will soon begin to roll unused data from one month over to the next. The data seems like it will expire after a month, unlike T-Mobile's "Data Stash" feature that lets unused data carry forward for up to a year.
  • "Safety Mode" Unlimited Data: Copying T-Mobile and Sprint, it looks as if Verizon will be optionally doing away with $15/GB overage charges for some plans - instead offering unlimited slow-speed data after the high speed allotment is used up.
  • Mexico & Canada Service: Copying T-Mobile's "Mobile Without Borders", it appears that some Verizon plans will now include  free roaming into Canada and Mexico, including calling and high-speed data.

Last year when AT&T rolled out rollover data, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo said to never expect something similar, saying - "we're a leader, not a follower."

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It looks like he may have some words to eat - as every single one of Verizon's new features seems to be following in T-Mobile's footsteps.

Verizon has not confirmed the rumors, but told CNet when asked:

"We're going to have some fireworks next week -- stay tuned."

We'll have a full report up analyzing the details and the implications for RVers as soon as they become official.

In the meantime, here is the screenshot that started all the buzz:

This screenshot with plan details was reportedly taken off of a Verizon test server.

This screenshot with plan details was reportedly taken off of a Verizon test server.

Price Increase Alert: It has also been leaked that the new Verizon plans will have more data added to them, and a slight price hike. Most plans will go up by $10/month, but the XXL plan in particular will increase from 18GB to 24GB of data. This actually represents a decrease in price per GB, in addition to all of the new above benefits.

It has also been leaked that this will be an entirely new plan, and you have to opt into it - and any promotional plans that you might have will not be honored under the new plan. If you prefer to keep your old plan, you can. We're keeping our eyes out for the official announcements, and will have some analysis out for those on old double data or Millenicom promotional plans as to if its time to switch.

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