Verizon Prepaid Offers Double Data

9/10/18 - Verizon Prepaid brought back this promo late last week - this time, however, you must acquire it through VIDAPAY dealers. Once you've got the plan with double data, you will keep the double data as long as you remain a customer on the plan. There is no currently specified end date for this double data promotion. This time around, VIDAPAY has created a list of locations where you can get the promo too - see VIDAPAY's website for info.

7/24/18 - This promo is no longer listed on Verizon's website as of 7/24/18.

(Original story - 6/27/18): Verizon Prepaid is currently offering a 'Double Data Promo', including as much as 20GB of high speed, tetherable data for $60.

In early May of 2018, we noted a 'Double Data Promo' available from Verizon Prepaid. While everyone loves 'free' data, this deal had a major sticking point: there was little to no information on where a customer could get the deal! The only crumbs we could find to lead us to where a double-data-hungry-customer could find this 'free data' bakery was that the promo was being offered through retailers using Vidapay. Sour milk spoiler: there is no publicly accessible list of these retailers.

But today, we noted that Verizon's Prepaid website is officially offering the Double your data promo!

Promo phone plan data pricing is as follows:

  • 3GB 6GB for $40/month
  • 7GB 14GB for $50/month
  • 10GB 20GB for $60/month

All of these plans include unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited data at speeds reduced to 128kbps after you reach your high-speed data cap.

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All of the data on these capped data plans is available for use via hotspot or tethering. These particular plans are for phone devices only - meaning you cannot transport the SIM to a hotspot or router device.

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A Customer Service Rep also confirmed that Data Only Prepaid Verizon plans (usable in a hotspot or router device!) are also eligible for the double data promo. As reps are not always completely informed about the ins-and-outs of promos, we suggest caution when taking advantage of this possibility - and checking your My Verizon account for your doubled data as soon as your purchase is complete to make sure. If true, the pricing and data for Data Only plans would be:

  • 2GB 4GB for $35
  • 5GB 10GB for $60
  • 10GB 20GB for $100

Clearly, the data only plans are not as data abundant as the phone plans offered by Verizon Prepaid. However, these plans can be used in a hotspot device.

Customers who take advantage of this double data promo will continue to receive the doubled data allotments (grandfathered) so long as their lines stay active (paid) -  even after the promo ceases to be offered to new customers.

This double data promo is available to new customers only and only for an undisclosed limited time. It is only available online and at 'select locations' - which we assume means those mystery locations utilizing VidaPay.

Verizon's website notes that you will "not see the promotional data allotments in your shopping cart, but you'll see it in My Verizon (billing / account software) after activation."

Verizon's capped data prepaid plans allow for carry-over of unused data to the next month. The 20GB (10GB) plan also provides free calling to and from Mexico and Canada - but not data use.

Verizon Prepaid's Unlimited plan ($75) is not eligible for 'double data' (can you double unlimited on device data?!) This plan is always subject to network management behind postpaid Verizon customers, and hotspot data from this plan is always throttled to 600kbps.

This double data promo makes Verizon's Prepaid plan options even more competitively priced than typical - especially for the 20GB(10GB) bucket.

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