The Tech Cabinet Approach: Centralizing your Mobile Internet Arsenal


What is a Tech Cabinet?

A tech cabinet is a neat little place where you keep all of your tech together - kind of like a server room/closet or a computer room/office area in a house or office.

In a house or office, this is the area where internet cables enter from the outside world and are plugged into tech gadgets like modems, routers, back-up drives, and servers.

Since mobile dwellings (i.e. RVs, vans, boats) are typically smaller than a house or office, most folks don't have the space to dedicate an entire room to storing tech gadgets.

Nomads also don't typically rely on hardwired internet sources, meaning they need a few additional pieces of tech in mix to get those hours of adorable cat videos into their lives.

Instead of dedicating a room to the task - it is often ideal to just stick all your connectivity gear into a cabinet.

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Read on to learn some best practices on how to do this.

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