[Completed] Mobile Router & Wi-Fi Gear Testing (Winter 2016/2017)

With several new mobile routers on the market, we've been doing some extensive head-to-head testing between them.

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The new routers we are looking at this round:

We also have some 'oldie but goodie' routers we've been doing some comparisons with:

For guides to mobile routers, and further explanations of the features:

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Selecting a Mobile Router – Bringing Mobile Internet Options Together and Creating a Local RV Network

Getting Better Wi-Fi – Selecting Long Range Wi-Fi Extending Gear (Antennas, Routers, CPEs) (Brand New Guide based on this testing round.)

Our Testing Procedure

In addition to ongoing informal real-world usage testing, we set up a series of formal head-to-head testing scenarios where we measured and compared different combinations of gear.

We took a look at:

  • Raw LAN Speeds
  • WiFi-as-WAN Speeds
  • Mobile Hotspot Tethering Performance
  • Wi-Fi Range (Send / Receive)

We also take notes on user interface, reliability and general performance.

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