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AT&T Downgrades Mobile Share Plans

Yesterday AT&T changed and rebranded its Mobile Share plans on its website.  Mobile Share Advantage is gone, replaced with Mobile Share Flex.  The new Flex plans are very similar to the Advantage plans except for one big, unfortunate change: Price. AT&T likely realized just how popular this move would be and opted to roll out […]


WiFiRanger Announces Low-Cost MicroLTE Pack: Roof-Mounted Cellular & Wi-Fi

Last April WiFiRanger launched the SKyPro LTE that incorporated a roof-mounted LTE modem into a WiFiRanger SkyPro long-range Wi-Fi system. But in response to feedback from beta testers (including us), WiFiRanger decided to hold off on shipping the product until the design and specifications could be improved. The redesigned SkyPro LTE is still in the works […]


2017 Mobile Internet Year in Review & Looking Forward Into 2018

2017 has sure been a wild ride in the world of mobile internet! The undeniable big story of the year is the return of “unlimited” cellular data plans, but the real limits lurking behind the scenes have never been more confusing. But despite the confusing limits and loopholes – overall there has never been a […]


FCC Abandons Network Neutrality Rules – What Does It Mean?

As expected, yesterday the FCC voted to roll back the “Network Neutrality” rules that had first gone into effect in 2015 during the Obama administration. With the FCC majority now under the control of the new Republican Chairman (and former Verizon lawyer) Ajit Pai – this rule change was considered inevitable despite record public opposition. […]


Netflix HDMI Out for Downloaded Content on Apple iOS 11 Devices Temporarily Disabled

We’ve received a couple of reports, and have confirmed – that the latest release of the Netflix App for smartphones & tablets is no longer working with HDMI out mirroring for downloaded content. It is however still working for streamed content. And the issues seems to be contained to Apple products running iOS 11 Using a […]


Cricket Cracking Down on Prohibited Hotspot Use

Back in early November, Cricket finally officially added the ‘hotspot’ function to their unlimited data plans, a feature they offered on their higher tiered data plans for years. To turn on this function, customers would need to add the $10 hotspot feature to their plan and receive 8GB of hotspot data. However many Cricket customers […]

Long Awaited Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 at Last Released!

Last week Wednesday evening just before the start of the Thanksgiving holiday, Pepwave at made the long-awaited next generation MAX BR1 MK2 cellular-integrated router official, updating its public website with final details. This product update is LONG overdue – we had been initially told to expect a next generation BR1 last November, then February, then […]


Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plans Now Come With Free Hulu

Sprint is teaming up with Hulu to offer a free subscription to the video streaming service. Surprise? I would venture towards “no”. Sprint has a tendency to not just lag behind the other major carriers in coverage, but also in promo tactics. In April, AT&T began offering a free HBO, and in in September T-Mobile […]


FMCA Offers New Sprint Unlimited Data Plan with Tech Connect+ Membership

Last week the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) announced a new data plan with Verizon. Today, the FMCA announced another unlimited offering included with their new Tech Connect+ Membership. For  $49.99 per month, the new membership package includes an unlimited Sprint based hotspot plan. Video version of this story: Enjoy Video? Subscribe to our YouTube […]


FMCA Tries Again: New Verizon “Unlimited” Plan Announced

Back in June, the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) soft launched a new benefit for its membership – an unlimited Verizon hotspot plan for $43.99/month, with no throttling or caps. The plan even included a free 7730L mobile hotspot device. It was a deal that seemed too good to be true – and indeed it […]


Sprint Reveals New Unlimited Dedicated Hotspot Option, With Some Limits

Sprint Wireless, revealed two new dedicated mobile hotspot device options – unlimited hotspot data for $50/month or 10GB for $30/month – when added to an existing Unlimited Freedom smarpthone plan. With this addition, Sprint joins AT&T and Verizon in offering “unlimited” service on mobile hotspot devices – leaving just T-Mobile still only offering tiered data […]


AT&T Evolves the Home Base – New Wireless Internet Home Router Option Vastly More Advanced

AT&T’s Wireless Home Phone & Internet plans and accompanying Home Base router jumped to prominence last February when AT&T began to offer special “rural” plans to customers in qualifying areas that included 250GB/mo for just $60 or 500GB/mo for $100. The plan itself was great (particularly before AT&T’s even better Unlimited Plus came along) – […]


Cricket Adds Hotspot Function to Unlimited Plans

UPDATE (11/14/17): Cricket has terminated their 8GB capped data plan, leaving customers with the choice of a 2GB plan, a 5GB plan or their two unlimited plans (which vary in speeds). Cricket Wireless, a wholly owned AT&T prepaid subsidiary, announced today that they are adding the mobile hotspot feature to their unlimited plan – for an […]

US Mobile Adds Verizon – And Unlimited Data Plans With Hotspot

Today, US Mobile added both Verizon and unlimited plans to their cellular plan line ups. US Mobile is a newer (founded early 2015), prepaid MVNO company who previously ran only on the T-Mobile network – although they have advertised that Verizon coverage would be in the works. And now, Verizon is here. And so are some […]


AT&T Announces New Flagship Hotspot: Netgear Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot with “5G Evolution”

AT&T yesterday announced the imminent launch of the Netgear Nighthawk – “the world’s first commercial Gigabit LTE Mobile Hotspot Router”, capable of achieving theoretical peak gigabit LTE speeds. AT&T is calling this the first “5G Evolution” capable hotspot, and it is indeed very technologically impressive. The Nighthawk is a major jump beyond AT&T’s current flagship […]