Increased Data on both Verizon and AT&T Prepaid Plans

Both Verizon and AT&T are pushing out some new data friendly deals over the next week. And they both include roll-over data and official mobile hotspot usage, making them appealing flexible plans for RVers.

logorc_verizonBeginning Monday, November 13th, Verizon Prepaid will offer new 5 GB and 10 GB LTE data plans at very competitive price points.

Verizon Prepaid's new plans for smartphones:

  • 5 GB for $50 -  Carryover Data with on-time payment, mobile hotspot authorized, Always-On Data (throttles data to 128 Kbps after initial data allotment is used), unlimited talk and text in the U.S., and unlimited international messaging
  • 10 GB for $70 -  Includes all the features of the 5 GB plan with the additional feature of unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

In addition, Verizon Prepaid continues to offer its 6 GB of data plan for $60 per month and 3 GB of data plan for $45 per month.

All of the above Verizon Prepaid plans require customers to sign up for automatic payments.

Got Coverage?

att-gophoneStarting on Friday, November 11th, AT&T's GoPhone customers will receive more data on their $45 ($40 with AutoPay) and $60 ($55 with AutoPay) monthly plans. GoPhone plans allow for tethering.

GoPhone's plans with reflected additional data for smartphones:

  • 4 GB for $45 ($40) - (previously 3 GB) Rollover data with on-time payment, mobile hotspot authorized, throttling to 128 Kbps after initial data alottment used, unlimited talk and text in U.S., and unlimited international messaging.
  • 8 GB for $60 ($55)- (previously 6 GB) Includes all the features of the 4 GB plan with the additional feature of unlimited talk, text, and data usage in Canada and Mexico.

Current GOPhone customers who renew their plans will get the extra data automatically.

The increase in data of both Verizon Prepaid and AT&T GoPhone plans make them much more competitive with other prepaid providers (Cricket, Boom!) offering comparative data plans. As an added bonus, both Verizon Prepaid and GoPhone offer data at full LTE speeds, whereas most re-sellers are capped at either 5 Mbps or 8 Mbps. Both Verizon Prepaid and GoPhone also offer data carry-over options for any unused data- a rarity among prepaid offerings.

While the chance of sudden plan changes occurring when dealing directly with major network providers (Verizon and AT&T) is reduced, the risk still lurks. The 'no contract' clause works both ways. Caution is always advised if utilizing prepaid offerings as a singular source of connectivity.

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