Product Overview: Globalstar Sat-Fi & Sat-Fi 2 (Satellite Internet)

globalstar-satfi-mobile-satellite-reviewGlobalstar has a constellation of 40+ satellites 880 miles up, and has long been a provider of satellite telephone service.

Globalstar Sat-Fi 2

Globalstar offers $999 box called Sat-Fi, which they like to describe as a satellite-powered Wi-Fi personal hotspot thatsupports unlimited data! They also offer a slightly cheaper, lighter weight, portable option in the Sat-Fi 2, priced at $499.

Before you rush to sign up for this perfect-sounding solution...

The catch with SatFi is that the data speed is 9.6Kbps (vintage mid-1990s modem speeds), and the included data only covers basic email, weather updates, SMS text messages, posting to FaceBook and tweeting on Twitter (not reading), super compressed photos, and very little else.

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The plans are also comparatively quite expensive.

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Quick Take

The data speeds are so slow that you would never be able to interactively surf the modern web. But it you have extremely low bandwidth needs or are primarily voice-centric – this is actually a very affordable option.

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