AT&T Prepaid Customers Can Now Enjoy Sponsored Data Too

Are you an AT&T direct prepaid customer? Considering becoming one?
Yesterday, AT&T added 'sponsored data' to their prepaid plans. Previously this perk was reserved only for AT&T postpaid plan customers.
The Verge posted a news story, with a screenshot of the text message AT&T prepaid customers received yesterday announcing this change.

Reportedly, even those using the two cheaper prepaid AT&T plans are automatically enrolled to access sponsored data.

The Sponsored Data Program allows customers to stream content from AT&T's select partners without using data to view or listen to media on those selected services, when using the appropriate app. Hence - media consumed on these service won't count towards a data cap.

But, do note that in order to take advantage of your 'free' data, you must use the DirecTV app, the UVerse app or the FullScreen app. And, these services must be subscribed to separately - they do not come packaged in prepaid plans.

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Currently, the AT&T's Sponsored Data covers only DirecTV, Fullscreen, and U-verse - all three of which are video services owned by AT&T.

We have no word yet as to whether AT&T's Sponsored Data program will be extended to AT&T prepaid subsidiaries such as Cricket or StraightTalk, but until an announcement is made, we would assume not.

Also, no word of AT&T's prepaid plans being offered free HBO, as are postpaid unlimited plans.

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For more information on entertainment on the road or water, with info on other carriers who offer similar sponsored data offerings, please refer to our Guide to TV & Movies on Mobile Internet

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