AT&T Grandfathered Unlimited Smartphone Plans to Increase by $5/Month- Again.


Beginning in March, AT&T is raising the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plans (UDP) by $5 a month - again.

An initial $5/month increase occurred back in February of 2016.

AT&T has made no official announcement of this price hike as of this writing, but trustworthy outlets have reportedly confirmed the policy modification with AT&T representatives and customers are already starting to receive notifications.

The $5/month price increase only affects mobile customers who have held onto unlimited iPhone data plans after AT&T stopped selling them to new subscribers back in 2010.

This price increase will increase the unlimited data portion of the phone bill from $35/month to $40/month.

A network management threshold still applies, meaning customers who use more than 22GB of data in a month may be subject to de-prioritization while on congested towers.

Grandfathered AT&T unlimited plans also do not allow for mobile hotspot use or tethering - data is on device only. 'Jailbreaking' a device in order to allow for tethering while on a grandfathered AT&T unlimited plan has a history of the plan being revoked.

Starting last year, AT&T brought back their unlimited smartphone plans, but only for DirecTV subscribers. DirecTV (owned by AT&T) customers can obtain an unlimited smartphone, tablet or connected car plan for $40 month (same price as the grandfathered plans are going to). These DirecTV associated unlimited plans are not incurring a price increase at this time.

You can read more on details of these plans here, or explore our news article here.

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