YouTube Joins T-Mobile’s Binge On

Last November, T-Mobile launched Binge On - a way for consumers to watch video streaming services over cellular while using much less data.

RVMI-Socials-YoutubeAdditionally, all T-Mobile postpaid plans with at least 3GB of high speed data include FREE video streaming of partner services when using Binge On - without using up your monthly high speed data cap.

While watching video via Binge On, video quality is reduced to 'DVD Quality' or 480p.

The program has been widely popular with RVers as an affordable entertainment source - with a lot of the biggest sites Binge On participants, including Netflix, HBO Now, ESPN, Hulu and many others.

Got Coverage?

But one big name service has remained noticeably missing. YouTube.

Today brings great news however. T-Mobile's CEO John Legere took to social media this morning - announcing via a video posted to Twitter that YouTube has joined Binge On effective today!

Another half dozen providers have also joined, including DiscoveryGo, Fox Business and RedBull TV. Bringing the count of video streaming services to over 50 that are included with free streaming. T-Mobile now claims that Binge On covers more than 70% of video streamed over the internet.

Despite initial reluctance to Binge On by Google - behind the scenes, YouTube and T-Mobile have been working to bring this to consumers. YouTube is the first Binge On partner that is controlling the data saving techniques itself instead of leaving it to T-Mobile.

Other video providers will now be able to get the same access as YouTube as well, letting them have more control over the experience.

Addressing one of the other complaints against Binge On - T-Mobile today is also rolling out a program for video sites that do not want to participate to opt-out of having their video streaming speeds throttled and data compressed. T-Mobile will be listing these sites on their website - so far there are none.

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