Verizon Changes Prepaid Data Only Pricing & Options

In Verizon's continuing effort to make their prepaid plans more attractive, they today announced changes to their prepaid data-only pricing.

For customers wishing to pay as they go for data on a mobile hotspot or tablet, the new pricing is:

Verizon prepaid pricing

  • 500mb for 1 week - $15
  • 1GB for 1 month - $20
  • 2GB for 2 months - $35
  • 5GB for 2 months - $60
  • 10GB for 2 months - $100

Previously, they offer 3GB for $60 and 10GB for $90, both expiring after a month for mobile hotspots. Table pricing was completely different at 4GB for $40/month up to 10GB for $80/month.

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The changes present more data at the $60 level, and a higher cost for 10GB. However, customers now have up to 2 month to utilize the pre-purchased data before it expires instead of 1 month.

For comparison to their postpaid plans, you can get a mobile hotspot with 10GB of data for $80/month with no contract required. Prepaid makes sense for those who don't want to go through activation fees, credit checks and/or want more flexibility.

Customers currently enrolled in Auto Pay for tablets or connected devices can stay on their existing plans until it expires or replenishment occurs.

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