Verizon Calling Former Millenicom Customers

Verizon says service will be cut off on November 8th, but the plan shows active until December 1st...

After a couple of e-mails and text messages, former Millenicom customers who have not switched to direct Verizon plans are starting to report being called by Verizon to be offered the transfer deal of $99.99/month for 20GB of data to continue service.

One report said that the caller ID showed an 800-number and when she declined the offer, she was asked if it was ok to disconnect the line. Verizon made no mention to her about the usage this month so far, and said the line would be disconnected shortly

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The free ride for November seems to be coming to an end for former Millenicom customers who have been riding out the transition. If you've not made the switch yet, be prepared for a call from Verizon coming soon to whatever phone number you had on file with Millenicom.

It seems that Verizon is giving former Millenicom customers every opportunity to switch over before interrupting service. It's now been 10-days since their original announced date, and just over a month since they acquired the accounts from Millenicom.

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