Verizon Brings Back Promotional 10 GB and 15 GB Plan Discounts

verizon-wireless-logo2The first quarter of the year generally sees little promotional activity amongst the carriers. But now that spring is in full gear, we may be shaping up to enter some renewed price competition in the cellular industry.

To kick it off, this morning Verizon has reintroduced its end of year pricing on 10G and 15G plans.

For an undisclosed limited time, you can choose from:

  • 10GB for $80/month or $8/GB (was $100/month)
  • 15GB for $100/month or $6.66/GB (16GB previously offered for $130/month)

Verizon had discontinued these holiday promotional prices in early February.  Verizon has made it clear they are not going to get drawn in to pricing wars, but they are watching the competition. Verizon recently saw a loss of subscribers in the last quarter, and this is likely a reaction to try and retain more customers.

The new pricing is valid on any existing or new Mobile Share plan offered by Verizon, and is just for the data service - it does not include per device line charges (which range from $10-40/month depending on the device). They also continue to offer a $10 discount on their 20GB plan ($140/month). New customers can also get a $100 bill credit for switching over.

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3G and better coverage for Verizon. Taken from the February 2015 release of our app Coverage?

3G and better coverage for Verizon. Taken from the February 2015 release of our app Coverage?

Advice for Verizon Mobile Everything customers: If you have an existing account, it could be worthwhile to log in to check what your current pricing is. If it makes sense, you can snag the promotional pricing right online, or by contacting a Verizon representative. Many customers may have already gotten the promotional pricing before they discontinued it earlier this year.

Advice for those with Double Data Deals: Obviously, if you were lucky enough to grab one of the double data deals back in October, these rates are unlikely to be attractive - and we recommend you NOT switch unless you are consistently not utilizing that much data. If you do claim one of these deals, you will not be able to get your double data promotional pricing back unless they reintroduce the promotion.

Compared to the $10/GB pricing announced by Google's Project Fi for their combined Sprint & T-Mobile footprint, this makes Verizon a cheaper option for a more robust network. Of course, Google Fi will be billed on as you need it basis, which could end up being cheaper for some consumers.

However, for those who need lots of data on the top recommended network for RVers who need nationwide access, 15GB at $6.66/GB is a pretty darn good deal for Verizon service.  Remember, with both Verizon and AT&T, you can adjust your data bucket on an as needed basis every month - presuming you don't have any promotional data deals to protect.

We will be keeping a close eye out for any other data promotions that may come up in reaction, and will report them right here on

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