Verizon Brings Back Double Data – But only for FiOS Customers Porting in Lines


Excitement is abound today as Verizon has announced double data deals - bringing back its popular option for data hungry mobile customers.

However, before you get all excited - there are some very specific requirements for this deal.

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  • It's only available to Verizon FiOS customers (their home based internet option). Similar to AT&T's recent offering of Unlimited Data for DirecTV and Uverse customers.
  • It is only available for new cellular data plan activations, and requires porting in a number from another carrier. (So it's not available to existing customers or even for starting a new line of service.)
  • Only the XL (12GB) and XXL (16GB) data plans are eligible for doubling.

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However, if you happen to meet these qualifications - this is a great deal to obtain 24 or 36 GB of data a month. You can keep the data for life, as long as you maintain the XL or XXL data amounts.

For those with home bases (or perhaps family with a FiOS account who might be willing to share a plan with you), it might be worth looking into.


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