Verizon Begins ‘Phase 2’ of Unlimited Data Plan Price Hikes

Verizon representatives where greeted on April 1st with a message in their InfoCenter (internal communications system) that Phase 2 of the unlimited data plan price hike would be going into effect on May 15.

Screen shot spreading over the internet from the Verizon InfoCenter.

Screen shot spreading over the internet from the Verizon InfoCenter.

As word started to leak out on various sites, there was speculation as to what exactly this meant.

After all, Verizon already implemented a $20/month price increase back in November on grandfathered in unlimited data plans that were out of contract. (Those in contract will see the price increase at the expiration of their contract.)

That increase took the $29.99/month unlimited data feature to $49.99 for many customers. (Still quite a bargain for sweet unlimited data that is never throttled, and able to be used as a mobile hotspot.)

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It seems pretty much confirmed that this is not an additional price increase.

This appears to only apply to unlimited data lines that were not covered back in November. There are other unlimited lines out there that were priced at different levels than the $29.99 rate that was common for the grandfathered Nationwide data plans.

It has additionally leaked that the price increase is actually rolling out in 3 phases. What the third phase will be, is unknown at this point.

But for now, we think our fellow unlimited data plan owners can rest easy. We don't think this round of price increase will impact many of our readers and members. It is possible that the lines some of the rental/lease operators own could be impacted, and thus result in eventual price increases for their customers.

If we receive any contrary confirmations, we'll update.

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