Unlimitedville.com Offers T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan

Unlimitedville is a small company out of Tennessee that has been providing cellular services to folks in rural areas who can't get cable or DSL services. They've just recently become aware of the RVing market, and that our needs are similar.

Last November, they launched a Sprint Unlimited data plan for $42.99/month that we covered.

They just relaunched their newly designed website, and now two seemingly new plans appeared:

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The 'Under $50 a month' Plan - Sprint

We have confirmed with Unlimitedville.com that the 'Under $50 a month' plan for businesses is the same Sprint $42.99/month deal we covered. They re-iterate that it remains a limited time promotion, and they don't know how long Sprint will continue to honor the plan. It is available only to businesses.

We've heard from several who have opted for this plan, and report back positive experiences with obtaining the plan. After their application was approved, they were put in touch directly with Sprint to complete the contract and account setup. Payment is direct with the carrier, and if in a solid Sprint area they are able to use unthrottled high speed data with apparently no data caps.

We have a review unit inbound, and will be testing it out ourselves soon.

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For more information on this plan:

Unlimitedville Offers Unlimited Sprint Hotspot Plans for $42.99/month (Now Only for Restricted Businesses Types)    

The $150 Month to Month Plan - T-Mobile

Unlimitedville.com has also confirmed with us that this new offering is a T-Mobile based option. It is also a data-only plan.

You purchase a hotspot device from them for $150 that you own, and then set up a re-occuring PayPal payment with Unlimitedville for access to one of their unlimited T-Mobile lines. They claim the plan is not subject to throttling or network management - meaning you should receive the full speeds available on towers connected to.

Unlimitedville knows of no current restrictions on domestic roaming use, so you should be able to use this plan when outside of T-Mobile's native coverage. Additionally, the plan will work in Mexico and Canada on their partnered 'Mobile Without Borders' networks at full speed - a great option for those who cross international borders. Since the plan is setup through Unlimitedville, this is even an option for non-US citizens to obtain for travel within North America.

The hotspot device being shipped is the current T-Mobile flagship ZTE915.

There are no credit checks required and is available to consumers. You can cancel at anytime (the service is however not pro-rated if you cancel mid-month).

It's great to see a data only unlimited T-Mobile option on the market.


To sign up for either plan: Unlimitedville.com

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