The Cheapest, Best Antenna Mounting Solution

"What is the best, cheapest ___?" and "I don't want to drill holes in my roof, how can I mount my antenna?"

These are two questions we get asked pretty frequently here at the Mobile Internet Resource Center. In the past, we have had to respond with let downs such as:

"Cheapest and best aren't two words that were meant to be placed side-by-side" and "Unless you plan to chase down your antenna as it blows across the campground during a wind gust..."

But not today. Today, we have a solution for you!

The solution comes in a surprising(ly delicious) package:

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That's right. Finally, a cheap ($0.99 - $1.59 per package before Easter, and up to 75% off after!), sufficiently sticky, no drill solution for mounting an antenna on your rig's roof. And yes, it is also the best solution.

Picture yourself pulling into your site, tossing your antenna's cord though a window, cracking open a new carton of Peeps, and climbing atop your rig. And while people typically brag about being able to live in smaller rigs for more flexibility, in this instance - the longer your rig, the better.

The extra time it takes to walk to your ladder and across your roof will give you extra time to snack on one of your antenna mounting solution's pillowy, sugar coated little friends.

Once you've accessed your roof, choose the lucky little Peep who will be supporting your antenna, lick him and stick him.

That's right - lick that Peep's bottom, smush him to your roof, and insert your antenna. Voila!

 Tips & Tricks for the Peep Mount Method:
  • Make sure your Peeps are fresh. While stale Peeps may provide a tasty alternative to fresh Peeps for the marshmallow chick connoisseur, stale Peeps do not have adequate adhesive properties for antenna mounting.
  • Chicks work much better than Bunnies. Some folks will argue that the Bunny variety of Peep is tastier (and those people are wrong), the bunny variety does not provide the base area that the Chick variety does.
  • Peeps come in counts of either 10 or 15 Chicks per package. Opt for the 15 count if possible. You'll only need a single Peep for your mounting project, but you'll want the other 14 for consumption purposes.
  • Peeps come in a variety of colors, so shop around! While Peeps offer the 'best, cheapest' mounting solution available, they can also provide you with a novel way to accessorize your rig.
    • Blue tends to bring out the dark brown swirls in tan/brown/taupe color schemed rigs, while a yellow Peep can really accentuate rigs with a tan/brown/maroon swirl theme.
    • Pink is really radiant when mounted on a rig with a tan/brown/taupe swirl theme.
    • If you are one of the few RVers who live in a rig without the tan/brown/taupe or tan/brown/maroon theme, you'll need to play around with your options. Any feedback (in the comment section) could be helpful to other RV owners in your situation.
  • Being a full-time RVer myself, I have not had a chance to test out the 'best, cheapest' Peep Mount Method in a marine installation. Further commentary of those who get the opportunity to experiment with Peep mounts in Marine set-ups would be appreciated.

MIRC GENERAL WARNING: Peep Eating Can Cause Sugar Cravings. Peep Mounting Results Are Not Guaranteed. 

Please note the date of this post ...  we don't ACTUALLY recommend using sugary candy treats for antenna mounting. Happy Easter. Happy April Fools!

For actual antenna mounting solutions, please be on the lookout for our forthcoming  guide: Mobile Antenna Installation



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