T-Mobile Promises LTE Coverage Map – At Last!


tmobile-coverage-map-newsUnlike other carriers, T-Mobile's online coverage map has never shown areas of LTE coverage, only visually mapping out 2G coverage areas.

T-Mobile instead has periodically provided a list of cities with LTE, making it extremely difficult for travelers to have any broader sense of where T-Mobile might work best for them.

The only way to check T-Mobile LTE coverage before now was to search for specific addresses one at a time, a very time consuming process.

Fortunately - it looks as if things are about to change.

TmoNews got leaked an internal memo from T-Mobile to store managers indicating that a new and improved interactive map is coming on January 26th. At last!

Join the MIA

We are looking forward to seeing this new mapping tool, and will do our best to incorporate improved T-Mobile maps into the next update of our app 'Coverage?'.


UPDATE: T-Mobile did indeed update their website with new more detailed maps, as promised. But, just like the old maps, the T-Mobile interactive map viewer lumps 3G, 4G (HSPA+), and LTE coverage into the same layer - making no visual distinction between them. To actually see what kind of coverage is in a given area, you can click on the map to bring up a popup with more details.

It is frustrating for travelers that T-Mobile provides no easy way to see where LTE will be along a give route.

Maybe someday...


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