T-Mobile Introduces ‘One Unlimited 55+’

March 2018 Update: Leaked info leads us to believe CONFIRMED - T-Mobile's Unlimited 55+ plan will increase in price to $70 per month for new customers starting on March 15th, 2018. This is a $10 plan price increase. The $70 pricing will still include taxes and fees, but does requires autopay. Customers already on the $60 pricing scheme should be grandfathered in on that price.

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"Oh, to be young again!"

More like: 'Oh, to be age 55 years or older'!

That's right. Having crossed the half a century mark plus five now has an added bonus - the option to partake in T-Mobile's new One Unlimited 55+ plan.

While we here at the Mobile Internet Resource Center know travelers of all generations are often quite tech savvy and data hungry, it looks like T-Mobile is finally catching on that data has no age limits. Today, T-Mobile announced they are taking a jab at the various 'senior' plans on other carriers.

T-Mobile CEO & President John Legere, called out plans like  AT&T's Senior Plan, which is useless for just about anything except a few weeknight calls to friends or family on a flip-phone. Then, he made sure to let those 55 and older know that they were about to get a new deal - and it's a decent one at that.

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One Unlimited 55+ offers all the benefits of T-Mobile's One Unlimited plan - but reduced by $20/mo per line. The One Unlimited 55+ plan will cost $60/month with auto-pay for two lines (regularly $100/month). As is true for all T-Mobile lines, taxes and fees are included in the pricing. If you don't need two lines of service, one line will cost you $50 (regularly $70). If you don't wish to use auto-pay, there is a $5 surcharge on each line.

Specific One Unlimited 55+ Plan Restrictions

  • Max of 2 lines per plan
  • $5 up-charge per line if not using auto-pay
  • Must verify that you are 55+ years of age
  • Post paid only

So, what does this plan offer you? Basically, it's the same plan as T-Mobile's One Unlimited - just with special 55+ pricing.

One Unlimited & One Unlimited 55+ both include:
  • Unlimited on device data at LTE speeds where T-Mobile service is available
  • Throttling & Network Management Policy: The plans are subject to network management after 32GB 50GB of usage in a month. They change this threshold several times a year based on what represents the top 3% of customer usage.
  • Mobile Hotspot / Tethering Options: The carrier offers three tiers of plans, each with their own mobile hotspot features:
    • One (base plan): Includes unlimited hotspot use at 3G speeds.
    • One+ ($10/month per line): Includes the first 10GB of mobile hotspot at full 4G speeds per line, and then drops to 3G speeds afterwards (512 kbps).
    • One+ International ($25/month per line): Unlimited 4G mobile hotspot use (and 3G speeds internationally). However, the carrier reserves the right to de-prioritize mobile hotspot use over on device use, and high data users who are primarily using the plan for tethering may be contacted by the carrier to discuss options.
  • Video Resolution Throttled: One plans include free video streaming at 480p resolution. One+ plans include HD video streaming.
  • Mobile Without Borders: Full use of the plan in Canada & Mexico, and reduced data speeds around the world.
  • No option to add a stand alone hotspot line.

Basically, if you wish to upgrade from the base 'One' plan to 'One+' and receive 10GB of 4G tetherable data, just add $10 per month per line - bringing the cost to $60 (1 line) or $80 (2 lines). If you want to go with One+ International with unlimited 4G mobile hotspot use, you'll be paying $75 (1 line) or $110 (2 lines).

So, you're 55(+) and want to take advantage of T-Mobile's offer?

First, you'll need to wait until August 9th, 2017. Then (per T-Mobile):

To get all this Un-carrier goodness and more, starting August 9, new customers age 55 and older can simply stop by your local T-Mobile store to sign up (we’re serious about checking those IDs*). Current eligible customers can get T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ by calling 1.800.TMOBILE, going to  https://www.t-mobile.com or visiting a local retail store.

Note that new T-Mo customers will only be able to get this plan in a store. And, if you are already a T-Mobile customer, your plan will not automatically be switched to the 55+ pricing. You will need to call and change your plan - and may possibly need to verify your age, if the age they have on file for you is not accurate.

We suspect that Only the account holder need be 55 years of age or older, as there is no 'fine print' to state otherwise, as is stated in the plan FAQ as of release date (8/9/17).

T-Mobile's One Unlimited 55+ plan is a solid offering - if you meet the 55+ age requirement. If you do, and are interested, just be sure to choose the plan tier that works for your needs.

Oh, and just in case you aren't 55 yet and were thinking about it, T-Mobile is already on to you:

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