T-Mobile Expands “Music Freedom” to Include Apple Music

T-Mobile today revealed it's final "#uncarrier Amped" move of the summer:

T-Mobile is adding Apple Music to the long list of "Music Freedom" services that allow for unlimited music streaming for T-Mobile Simple Choice customers, WITHOUT any impact on your monthly data caps.

While not as exciting as the awesome "Mobile Without Borders" continent-wide roaming, or even the generous new family data plans, it is still an exciting additional feature for RVers looking to get their music fix while out on the road.

T-Mobile describes it this way:

Not surprisingly, Music Freedom has been an enormous hit with Un-carrier customers. They now stream over 131 million songs every single day – up an amazing 275% from a year ago when we launched Music Freedom. If AT&T customers streamed that much music, they could be paying upwards of $2.3 billion a year - and that’s not even factoring in overage penalties.

Music Freedom Services

T-Mobile launched Music Freedom last year with support for just eight music services, but since then has been constantly adding to the list.

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Here are the services (current as of July 28th) that you can stream for free via T-Mobile without it counting against your data caps, even while roaming in Canada and Mexico:

Sadly - two of my favorites remain unlisted - SomaFM, and the world's first Internet streaming station, the incomparable KPIG.

What About Network Neutrality?

There had been some worry that the new network neutrality rules might mean the end of T-Mobile's ability to offer music streaming for free.

But so far, T-Mobile has avoided running afoul of network neutrality rules with Music Freedom because T-Mobile does not charge streaming providers to be supported, and they do not favor partners in any fashion.

Since T-Mobile is treating all streaming services the same, they seem to be in the clear.

The T-Mobile Music Box

T_Mobile_logo_Magenta_lowFor music fans - dedicating a spare tablet to being a dedicated streaming music box sure beats listening to local radio overrun with non-stop commercials.

The cheapest T-Mobile Mobile Internet plan is just $20/mo, and though it only offers 1GB of high-speed data - even after the 1GB is used up music keeps streaming at high-speed.

As T-Mobile explains:

"If you reach your 4G LTE data limit through other means your on-network data will be slowed to 2G speeds but music streaming through included services will not be slowed down."

The only downside is T-Mobile's limited coverage in many areas in the US.


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