T-Mobile Clarifies Throttling – Defines “Unlimited” as 21GB

T-Mobile news tracking site TmoNews has noticed a subtle recent change in the fine print attached to T-Mobile "Unlimited Data" plans.

Last month T-Mobile began enforcing "Data Prioritization" that slowed down "customers who use more data than what is used by 97% of what all customers use in a given month" on congested towers - but it was unclear just how much data usage it took to get you put into the penalty box.

The new fine print makes it clear and unambiguous:

Got Coverage?

“Unlimited 4G LTE customers who use more than 21 GB of data in a bill cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers for that bill cycle at locations and times when competing network demands occur, resulting in relatively slower speeds.”

This is an improvement over the uncertainty - but it is certainly still disappointing for those who crave truly unlimited data.

T-Mobile users who have been flagged for de-prioritization report that it feels like they are "fighting over the scraps" of data, getting substantially less than 1Mbps speeds while other T-Mobile customers nearby are still getting over 10Mbps.

T-Mobile Puts On The Brakes, Sprint Eases Off

It is ironic to see the "#uncarrier" T-Mobile increasing restrictions on unlimited plan customers the same week that Sprint announced that they are ceasing throttling unlimited users at all.

The current state of LTE throttling:

Though they are hard to come by, for heavy data users the grandfathered Verizon unlimited plans remain the gold standard for RVers with heavy data needs. T-Mobile is still a solid choice as a secondary network - but with Sprint backing away from limits it is becoming a more compelling secondary choice now as well.


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