StraightTalk Offers Verizon & AT&T based LTE Hotspot Plans


Another prepaid LTE data option was reported to hit Walmart stores yesterday - and this time, options for both AT&T and Verizon.

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Previously, Verizon only offered prepaid data-only service on their 3G network. However over the summer they started offering their own direct plans for the LTE network. We've been waiting for StraightTalk to be able to offer a similar deal.

AT&T has not had a prepaid data only option on the market, so this is an exciting addition to the options for those who want to add America's second largest network to their arsenal.

Join the MIA

With both plans, you first purchase the hotspot device for $99.98 (the ZTE Z289G for AT&T and ZTE Z288L for Verizon), and then activate the level of plan you want with your device. All plans are prepaid and expire upon whichever occurs first - using the included data, or the time period.

You can add more data as you need it, making this a great option for occasional or back-up data usage for RVers.

Get the Book

The pricing is:

  • $15 for 1 GB good for 30 days
  • $25 - 2 GB - 30 days
  • $40 - 4 GB - 60 days
  • $50 - 5 GB - 60 days
  • $75 - 7GB - 60 days

We like these plans allow you to buy a bucket of data that is good for more than a month. The prices are competitive with the carrier's direct pre-paid offerings too.

Currently, it appears StraightTalk has not updated their website to reflect these offerings. But the devices seem to be hitting Walmart shelves across the nation.

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